Canon KISS X5/600D New, refurbished, used, demon?

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Re: Canon KISS X5/600D New, refurbished, used, demon?
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LordJohn wrote:

beagle1 wrote:

LordJohn wrote:

LordJohn wrote:

robert1955 wrote:

I'm not sure this will really help with your problem, but if you mean this utility

I don't think it can read the internal counter for your camera. It probably just shows the number the camera thinks it should give to the next file.

Thanks, I also did try with, I did try to reset the file number, start new file number with new card. so file number back to 1. but shutter count still increase. and I try to do auto sensor clean, which does release shutter, also the count increase.

I cross check with my old kissf and kissdigital. both a bit more than my file number, i never reset the file number on those bodies.

Any one else tried this program??

I upload some pics in my album, it show 2 test shots and the mark on the body,

eosinfo like eosmsg, only record the picture taken as shutter count, auto sensor clean is also counted, but entering the video mode does not count, taking pics in live shot does count but entering live shot mode does not count. should give accurate shutter count (video doesn't affect it)

Thanks, just did a firmware update, and confirmed the shutter count is kept, auto sensor clean does count as one shutter, but entering and existing live view or video doesn't

yes, video shutter is different from the mechanical shutter

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