Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

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Gentlemen ... I will only be eating words if
In reply to Darrell500, Feb 3, 2013

Eating of words will commence when a 4/3rds body or a new 4/3rds lens appears on the market (not an old 4/3rds lens rigged to work with m4/3rds) in a manner in which a consumer can purchase one. Not before. Promises don't count. Plans don't count. Rumours don't count. Even prototypes don't count -- though that would make me at least reach for some seasonings ...

m4/3rds with adaptor does not count. m4/3rds with an adapter than claims to focus 4/3rds lenses does not count.

I will bend this rule and eat words if an m4/3rds body with adapter appears that has a proven ability (claims don't count, promises don't count, Oly in-house 'tests' don't count) to focus 4/3rds lenses with at least the same competency as an E1.

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