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Had he lived in the USA

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Re: Err, umm?
In reply to Chato, Feb 2, 2013

Chato wrote:

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Do you see any gun threads about other countries?

Do you see any countries other than the USA being bashed here?

I've started a few threads on Switzerland, and how they commit the mentally ill to mental hospitals for treatment until they are well. I've pointed out that a country like Canada (and Switzerland) have ten times the number of mental hospital beds per capita then the US.

I have pointed out a number of times that killing large numbers of strangers ​is not the act of a rational human being. ​And that making noises about guns, is not a solution for a society whose only treatment of the mentally ill, is a handful of pills and a pat on the back.

I will acknowledge that reducing guns will marginally reduce the number of victims. I use the word "marginal" because mass murders are a statistical blip when it comes to irrational killings.

What all this amounts to is saying, (And no offense, because I know you're sincere) is that mass killings make headlines, but killing one or two at a time does not. So if you don't have to read a headline, that will make the problem disappear?

Sorry, no, I don't think so. I don't believe in surrendering my rights, so that you don't have to read meaningless headlines. There are enough guns in Canada to have mass killings. You don't have them because you have mental hospitals to put these people before they kill anyone.


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

Do you know if Wheatfield, Mentor_1, and Marcamera all escaped from the same mental institution?

Do they have access to long bows or sling shots? Do they still take their Meds? Are they violent after 8 hours in the Pub? What is Canada doing to protect us from them?

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I can tell you must be a great orator James. You never disappoint us.

I have managed to get away with using my guns to kill people, by limiting myself to a maximum of two at a time. True, it's done publicly, but the Police really don't care unless you hit some sort of ​Magic Number. ​I believe it's five. Under five, and it goes unreported, and the Police usually tell me, "Good shooting old man," Of course one can turn it into a hostage drama - then the number doesn't matter.

Now take Robert. According to him, if the mentally ill are not allowed to buy guns, then only about a 1,000 a year would be sold. Now who can doubt Robert, our resident German Philosopher and student of violence?

Even so, even so, I can draw a correlation with the deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill, and mass killings, ​and not so mass killings. ​The pushing of a number of strangers by lunatics onto subway tracks, the story we are discussing above. And a number of other stories on this board, even as we discuss these question.

But I forget myself. As I said above, "these don't count."


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

Well now Dave, the mentally ill, here in BC many years ago they closed 90% of the mental beds and left those poor souls to wander the streets here. It is a very sad situation but it is also EXTREMELY rare that one of them hurts someone so based on your theory we should have lots of trouble here with them, but alas we do not and so how can that be explained? Our mentally ill are not as mentally ill as yours? Our mentally ill are of the Canadian variety and chose not to bother anyone? It is true the closing of the beds poses problems for our society but not murderous problems. Why is that?

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