Canon interview: the end of the DX pro line

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Re: Canon interview: the end of the DX pro line
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I think it's possible for both Nikon and Canon to eventually get to this end point:

  • 36MP FF sensor
  • 24MP 1.2 crop mode
  • 15MP DX/1.5 crop mode
  • 24MP binning FF mode in RAW equivalent (gives you 24MP FX images with benefits of binning from 36MP)
  • 16MP binning FF mode in RAW equivalent
  • Zoomable high quality and responsive EVF that gives you a full viewfinder at all crop modes.  EVF good enough that people who have used OVF for years are OK with the EVF
  • 8fps (at FF or any crop level)
  • D800 level AF (or next generation) that works equally well at FF or at any crop level
  • ~$3000 price (D800 price level)
At that point, assuming the zoomable EVF really works for action, you truly have a camera that can work equally well at FF or any crop level, pretty much without any compromise other than the number of MP it records and the loss of noise and DR that comes with cropping.
Now the gotchas:
All this tells me that we're nowhere near having an FX substitute for a D400 in a reasonable price ballpark.  My guess is that Nikon needs a D400 now and maybe by the expected D500 time frame (~4 years from now) we have a better chance at some of these substitutes.
  • The high quality, zoomable EVF is something that hasn't yet been proven or shown in any high-end camera and we don't even yet know if it's possible to make an EVF that is at least as good as an OVF
  • There's work to be done to get to 8fps at 24MP and 36MP (perhaps twin EXPEED) as Nikon has no cameras today that do that
  • Even if Nikon could do all this, it's still nowhere near the $1700 D300 price point (probably almost double or quadruple the price)
  • If Nikon could make this, it might appear first in the D5 at $6000 as the uber flexible top-of-the-line camera and work it's way down the product line over the years.
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