Extemely serious issues affecting Macs

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Re: Extemely serious issues affecting Macs

Every OS and every App has features missing or removed to maintain ease of use and stability.

At work I used IBM's OS/400 on AS/400 mini-mainframes and PCs with various flavours of Windows, whereas at home I only ever purchased Macs. My own children and various nephews and nieces just could not understand why they had to be different from all the other kids in school who used Win-PCs.

All these "kids" have now reached adulthood, each has the ability to purchase their own computers and despite having to use Win-PCs at university/work, they have all opted to buy Macs and iDevices. As an extended family, we have so many Apple products, we could probably open up our very own Apple Store. Not one these kids will use a PC for personal stuff even if you paid them.

Their current choices have nothing to do with the fact they grew up using Macs -- after numerous problems with Win-PCs at varsity/work they decided they wanted technology that just worked. One nephew is so reliant on stable OS, he sold his Windows laptop and now gets a new MBAir every year. Another went with tablets from Samsung and RIMM, sold them both and bought a top-of-the-range iPad4.

Your own post and the linked article are just click-bait and trolling.

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