Canon 35 f1 + Canon 85 f1.8

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Re: No argument is complete...
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Great Bustard wrote:

schmegg wrote:

Sovern wrote:

MAC wrote:

The 85 1.8 is going to be a better portrait lens especially on crop. 100mm on crop is very long and 2.8 is very limiting considering that its 1 1/3rd of a stop slower than the 85 1.8 and will primarily be good as a product photography lens but even then only on FF.

I don't see a reason to use the 100L 2.8 on crop body as it's going to be very limiting at 160mm equivalent perspective. On FF I can see it being very useful as a macro lens but not on crop body, for portraiture I'd rather have the 85 1.8 or 100 2.0 as both will give more OOF ability.

many of my portraits in this exclusive expensive album that buys 5 times the equipment you have were taken with 5dc + 100L. If you go to a wedding forum and tell them 100L is no good for portraits - well => you'll not be there long

and since you're getting 40d, here is one with the 100L on 40d dragging the shutter down to ss 1/60 iso 1250 no flash allowed at the sharpest setting on one of the sharpest lenses on the planet - it focuses fast btw - and hanholding in low light dragging the shutter without flash is its thing. I sold 40d for 60d because I wanted an extra stop of useable iso 3200 (pro quality iso3200 as the digital picture site states at iso3200) versus your limiting iso1600. but hey, a photographer manages with what they have

so if you have them indoors in a critical moment without flash allowed - show them - or quit posting on what you know not of

Yea since going around lying or saying how much money you made at an event which could have been a free or friends wedding validates your claim anymore. (By the way anyone with a camera can shoot a wedding and charge money, it takes someone to do an exceptional job consistently with their own style).

I've shot at a paid event with a kit lens it doesn't mean that it's the optimal choice for the task at hand just like how your 100 2.8 is not the optimal choice.

I already have a 40D and theres no way that I'd want a 100mm lens on it....way too limiting.

The 85 1.8 will serve the 135mm purpose, have more OOF capability's which is preferable to a lens being slower with IS.

With good hand hold technique you can hand hold the 85mm at 1/60th of a second on crop body as well.

Also the difference from 3200 iso on 40D and 60D will be minor, I tried 3200 iso with it earlier and it;s just fine for what it does.

Personally I don't even like that photo that much, the grooms head is blocking too much of the photo I would have framed it more straight on giving it more of a pleasing composition vs a shot where it looks like the priest is about to elbow the groom in the head.

Ok gents. Let's keep it nice a calm.

I'm a little lost here - are you saying that the 85/1.8 is a clearly better lens than the 100/2.8 for shooting portraits?

Personally, I'd have thought they would both do quite a decent job, and arguing over which one is best would be simply splitting hairs once you had a look at the results you could get with them both.

Aside form that, we are getting off-topic. The thread was discussing the 35 and 85. So I probably wont be putting up with too much arguing about the difference between the 85 and the 100.

...without bringing Equivalence into the discussion.

How 'bout a 70-200 / 2.8L IS II on FF which is equivalent to a 44-125 / 1.8 on 1.6x, thus covering what an 85 / 1.8 and 100 / 2.8L IS macro could do on 1.6x, and sharper than either.

yep, blazing sharp 85 for sure

but brightcolors will not like the bokeh (cats-eye in the corners and a touch of nervousness over the older versions like my non-IS F2.8 L.

I'll sell mine someday and get the II.

for me, extra sharpness many times Trumps bokeh.

and as John Sheely, you and I were in a thread  - for me  - extra sharpness can trump extra noise

and for me -- extra speed --F1.4  -- can Trump F2 IS  -- since I need to stop motion, but I love 4 stop IS

anyway, thanks for reminding us of the equivalence modelĀ 

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