So what is the truth, Fuji?

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Re: So what is the truth, Fuji?

Joel Stern wrote:

TThorne wrote:

In a recent interview, Kayce Baker, marketing director at Fujifilm North America, stated that we are likely to see the 55-200 and the 27mm by April/May (you know that means June/July, especially in North America) and that the 23mm and the 10-24mm will likely not be around until late 2013/early 2014 (Which in reality places these close to Q2 of 2014 at this rate). Also, even though asked about it, she did not mention the 56mm. What happened to the slew of lenses they promised within the year? Something like 12, was it?

With no native ultra wide angle, no 35mm equiv, no portrait lens (60 doesn't cut it with slow macro lens AF), no peaking, and Fuji pushing lenses and features around in favor of their fixed lens cameras over their system cameras, it really makes it hard to take the "system" seriously at this time. I am starting to not want to turn a blind eye to other missing features like high speed sync, a function they obviously knew would be useful when designing the X100 with a leaf shutter, but simply ignored an FP enabled flash unit for the system. How about Minimum shutter speed for auto ISO? The soon to be replaced X100 has it, but system buyers can just go suck it? How about the retarded focus point selection? They have a better solution for their beloved X100s, but no mention of reprogrammable buttons via firmware for system users.

The sad thing is that so much of this is fixed through firmware.


2)Minimum Shutter Speed in Auto ISO

3)Programmable buttons and more functional scroll wheel.

As far as the flash goes, that technology is OLD now. They could easily rebrand an FP enabled flash for the system or release one themselves.

As far as the lenses go, the lack of an ultra wide is mind boggling, especially when we (equiv) 21, 27, 50, and a 42 supposedly on the way? Why not throw in a 40mm, 24mm, and 60mm while they are at it? That was sarcasm in case you missed it.

As far as the 23mm goes, that is just Fuji being greedy. People like me who bought into the system are, a lot of times X100 owners, and, like me, have preorders in for the X100s. Guess what Fuji. We would still buy the X100s and the 23mm lens despite the overlap (well, a lot of us would). But no, they need to ensure it by throwing their system users under the bus for a while.

For all the haters out there who think this forum belongs to them and that it is not alright to criticize Fuji on here, just know that my X Pro 1's are my favorite cameras i have ever owned, and that is difficult to say coming from my beloved Nikon D3 bodies and pro lenses. And that, is where my frustration comes from. I don't want another system. I want to ONLY use the X system, but it is not proving to be much of a "system" yet, and Fuji is making sure of that.

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A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. - Sir Winston Churchill

At least fuji has given you a roadmap and 3 primes to start, now a zoom and a 21mm wide angle. I had bought into t he Ricoh GXR and found out too late that Ricoh was not going to communicate at all about what they were going to do or when, I say we are lucky that fuji is giving us as much information as as much hardware as we have at this time. Just my opinion.

In this day and age where customer service and support is dwindling, you do have a point that any information, later manipulated or net kept to, is still information that they didn't have to give, so in a sad way, we are lucky. On the other side of the coin, the timeline and promised lenses were a real draw to the system. If people planned their next camera purchase with the roadmap in mind, they may feel a little put out.

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A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. - Sir Winston Churchill

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