Tokina 11-16mm on the A99.

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joerawr Regular Member • Posts: 100
Tokina 11-16mm on the A99.

Wondering if I should sell my Tokina 11-16mm F/2.8 to help fill the A99 sized dent in my wallet. We'll let's take a look at how it works on the A99 in a real world (my real world) test. Childrens asleep? Yup. Let's go.

First at F/2.8

16mm APS-C mode on

16mm APS-C mode on

11mm APS-C mode on

16mm APS-C mode Auto (ie FF).  Just a hair wider than 11mm in APS-C mode, and the corners are a touch dark.  But it's a full 24MP sensor of data here, versus the 10MP APS-C mode images, so it has value.

Now let's do F/8

16mm APS-C mode on

16mm APS-C mode on.  (BTW: not sure why the F/8 images are overexposed.  That's a different topic though)

11mm APS-C mode on

16mm APS-C mode Auto (ie FF).

16mm APS-C mode Auto (ie FF).  Corners are noticeably better than at F/2.8.

So what happens when we go wider in FF mode?

15mm F/8.  Corners are darker, but still nothing offensive.

14mm F/8 (indicated on lens, EXIF says 13mm)

14mm F/8 (indicated on lens, EXIF says 13mm).  Ah there it is.  Hard dark corners.  Limit found.

I'm intrigued. It's two lenses: In APS-C mode, it's the same wide angle range as it was on the A77, albeit only with 10MP of fat pixels. Fine for web stuff and small to medium prints.

In APS-Auto mode the A99 doesn't recognize it as a crop sensor lens, so you get a true 16mm super wide angle image, with just a hair of vignette stopped down. It's essentially a fixed 16mm lens in this mode bc of corner darkness. In APS-C mode it's like an 18- 26mm. Not sure yet if it's got that fisheye thing going on in the corners at "26mm" versus a proper 24 or 28mm prime.

And maybe it's a third lens.  Tried a couple videos around the house.  The focus motor is a bit too loud to use AF with the onboard mics. But with the APS-C mode on, the 18-26mm range is good. At 26mm lines seem straight, so it's in that 24 to 28mm F/2.8 prime range. I've don't have a 24 or 28 prime to compare to, but i'm curious if there is more of a fisheye effect at the edges with the Tokina. But the coverage is fantastic, especially in tight spaces.  And it maintains focus as you zoom in and out.  So hrmm might be another reason to keep it.  Except for the focus noise...

I'm on the fence. Despite all I've said, it still might be a one trick pony for me.  Then again, leaving the house with just this on my A77 lead to some fantastic results... and with the A99 I can have that same range, plus the ultra wide 16mm FF option.  I guess I'll need to shoot with it some more. It's too bad about the focus noise thought, because most of the time I really want AF with my video, (w/o external mics), so for me, it's not a go to video lens.

Enough of my rambling.  Hope the comparison was useful to ya'll.

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