Vegetarians 'cut heart risk by 32%

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Re: Vegetarians 'cut heart risk by 32%
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I've never understood why some vegetarians want to eat meat "lookalike" substitutes.

I personally don't want or need any meat there is more than enough variety of non-meat alternatives to have an amazingly nutritious and delicious diet.

Most of the so called veggie burgers taste like sh!t.....altho, some of the Chinese "soy" based mock dishes are very good. I discovered those in places like Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc...and they really do have it down to a fine-art these days.

I have about 30 veggie cook books, with about 2 thousand different recipes from around the world....which is a lot more than the wife & I will ever need in this life time.

There's simply no need for any of that fake meat lookalike stuff.

We actually use some of the soy based lookalike stuff, like burgers and nuggets. I see it a bit in the sense that it's processed "fast food", except they didn't use any of that pink slime leftover meat. Both the burger and nuggets taste like fast food, but have a lot less calories. These days I prefer them both to having the original meat-based product, but it only works for the processed stuff. Making it look like a chicken fillet doesn't make sense to me.

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