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Petition to Nikon: 6 MP DX camera with a high-ISO performance

Started Jan 31, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Petition to Nikon: 6 MP DX camera with a high-ISO performance
In reply to Nigelous, Jan 31, 2013

ThNigelous wrote:

See more information here http://www.change.org/petitions/nikon-stop-megapixel-war-start-the-production-of-the-high-iso-dslr-camera-in-a-small-body

Please, sign it if you are intersted of this product.

Sorry to burst your/their bubble. Just having 6MP isn't going to give you better 'high-ISO' performance, if that's what you/they were thinking.

Quoting from the petition

The main advantages of the sensor with a low pixel density compared with a high pixel density sensor identical size and similar technology: 
- high sensitivity: cleaner image and wider dynamic range on a high ISO due a higher SNR of large pixel;

This is not true. All else being equal, viewed the same size the sensor with smaller pixels will tend to have better dynamic range.

- lower level of digital noise in video;

That depends on how the video is implemented.

- much less motion blur;

That is simply nonsense. The pixel density does not affect the motion blur.

- lower requirements to the quality of the lens: the low pixel density sensor can be resolved by the majority of the lenses, include kit zooms.

That is also nonsense. Every lens will perform better with a high pixel density camera.

- much less diffraction effects for small apertures;

That is again nonsense, pixel density does not affect diffraction.

- more efficient capture of light by the large pixel for wide opened aperture;

There is no evidence to suggest that at all. Overall, small pixel sensors deliver better efficiency than large pixel ones.

- 6 MP RAW takes less memory on a hard-drive, small RAW is processed faster;

Can't argue with that, but memory is cheap.

- much less rolling-shutter effect in video.

That depends on how the video is implemented.

Overall, I guess Nikon knows much more about how to design a camera than the sponsors of this petition, who seem to know very little.

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