What's the line on an X Pro 2 in 2013

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Re: What's the line on an X Pro 2 in 2013
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BrianBrianBrian wrote:


X-Pro2 will be announced late summer alongside the remaining lenses on the roadmap, and available by Christmas. It will likely be significantly over 24MP, because the NEX-7 (not a "pro" camera) is already 24MP, and because it needs to compensate better for the lack of an AA filter.

I really hope it's not based on the Nex7 sensor, which is notoriously bad with M mount lenses. Fuji needs to improve their performance with wide angle lenses by reducing the sensor glass thickness. In any case, they will have to wait for Sony to come out with a new PDAF sensor (see Nex6 -X100s) or use the same X100s sensor. Not anytime soon.

There will be a new viewfinder with an EVF of higher resolution than the X-E1. The viewfinder will be 25% or so larger than the X-Pro1 (enough to avoid clipping the 14mm lense) and new viewfinder optics will further magnify the viewfinder's perceived size. The viewfinder will also have a removable eyecup.

Unlikely. Larger OVF means the lenses block even more of it, unless they make the body much wider. Except the 27 pancake, lenses will only get bigger from here. Also higher res EVF will depend on Sony coming out with one

EVF lag and autofocus performance (speed and accuracy) will be notably improved thanks to much faster processors. Split level focusing will work much better than the X100s.

Finally, we will have proper control of exposure settings during video recording. The emphasis on video will be on parity regarding controls (ISO, shutter speed, aperture, focus) during video recording for people that want to control exposure and focus themselves. The automatic video features won't be competitive with the automatic features of other cameras. The video encoding will also be improved. 1080p24/50/60 will be the best you get out of the camera (no 4K). There will be a center crop video recording option like Panasonic cameras have.

X100s shows no commitment to  serious video so I doubt it. But I hope you're right.

The sensor will still be APS-C, because (a) all their lenses' focal lengths are designed for APS-C, (b) Fujifilm will not want to risk investing in larger-than-APS-C unless/until X-Pro2 is successful, and (c) though the processors will be much faster than the X-Pro1, they won't be fast enough to be able to handle the improved video, AF, and EVF performance at any larger size.

A,B = agreed. C = no, processing speed depends on MP.

Of course, all the features from the X100s will be available, as well as all the commonly-requested enhancements that weren't in the x100s.

The body and as-yet-unreleased lenses will be weather sealed to some ambiguous degree.''

I'm gonna guess no.

(End guessing.)

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