B&H selling returned products: Question for Mr. Henry Posner

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Re: B&H selling returned products: Question for Mr. Henry Posner
In reply to Nell27, Jan 27, 2013

Nell27 wrote:

chopsteeks wrote:

Once opened, this item is now an open box item. If B&H wants to continue to cater to the needs of folks who will purchase an item to 'demo' these items out....great.

But do not expect me to be happy if I pay you money for a brand new item, then send me a 'demo' item.

My days of doing business with B&H are over till they correct this practice of re-selling returned items as new.

I can understand how you feel but B&H is an honest retailer and doesn't do anything that's not done by all, Nation wide stores, with a liberal return policy.

Small retailer's, who get very few returns, may operate differently but they will only be able to take a loss on this returned equipment for so long before their business begins to suffer.

Most online vendors will match B&H prices anyways.

Yes, and most (all?) on-line dealer's have sold returned items as new.

Also, my local retailer usually matches best online prices from a reputable online dealer, will not mind paying sales tax if I could help this retailer open.

We had a local camera store that would also match on-line prices if you, as the customer, stuck by your guns and talked to the owner long enough.

They eventually declared bankruptcy and went out of business. The owner said that they simply couldn't afford the inventory available at many on-line stores and couldn't make a living by price matching.

All we have left now are the big box stores like Best Buy and even their brick & mortar stores aren't doing very well.

Best Buy is a good example of a store that used to have a restocking fee but had to drop that and go to a liberal return policy in order to compete.

I'm not a big fan of Best Buy because, when it comes to photography related equipment, they really don't stock much that I'm interested in. Just the same, when you need something it's either a big box store like Best Buy or take your chances on-line.

I've never had a problem with B&H and only had an issue with Adorama once, about 10 years ago when they tried to sell me extras that I didn't want. Adorama doesn't do this any more and I think they're also a good retailer.

I know there's always a chance that I'm going to get a returned item and if that happened I'd ask for an exchange. Naturally, if the item was inspected, cleaned and repackaged properly, I'd probably never know the camera or lens was a return.

I do not agree with your position on this.

I never questioned B&H's honesty here.

But it is my belief that once an item has been opened, this is an 'open box item'.

If you want to go with someone employed by B&H as to how they evaluate a returned item, this is subject to how B&H evaluate a returned item. What are the parameters in determining an item as 'pristine'.

In regards to local dealers ---- sorry your local dealer went bankrupt. But there is more to a business going bankrupt other than matching competitor's prices. If you have not noticed, most camera manufacturers require their authorized dealers to not sell their cameras below a certain price point.

My local dealers's prices are very competitive to the reputable, authorized online sellers. The difference really is the sales tax. But with the face to face service these local dealers provide, I have no issue paying the sales' tax.

Best Buy ---- yes their inventory is not as wide as dealers such as B&H, Adorama but they do not sell returned items as new. Heck I buy lots of open-box item for a discounted price.

I am not telling you how to spend your money, but when I buy something advertised as new, I expect this item to be indeed brand new....not an open box item.

Unlike some folks, when I buy an item.....I research this item thoroughly. I have never bought an item just to demo it, then return it just because I am not happy with it.

I do not play this game.

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