The End Of My X-Pro Era

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Re: The End Of My X-Pro Era
In reply to Sulis2, Jan 27, 2013

Sulis2 wrote:

Before I bought my X100 a few months ago, I was very interested in the OM-D. I absolutely loved the fun of it - the touchscreen capture was a hoot - but ultimately I just couldn't live with the tendency to blow highlights. Reminded me of my old D2Hs, which had lovely files, but you had to watch the exposure all the time.


A sincere question: Did you buy/own it, or is your opinion/experience the result of testing at a shop etc.? I ask because I have been following various blogs, fora etc and have noticed similar concerns. When said concerns have been addressed by experienced user, it nearly always turned out to be user error (not to suggest that you don't know what you are doing). The OMD has the ability to fine tune the exposure/metering system in much the same way as my D700/7000 has. It has been reported that there is a lot of headroom in the OMD raw files. Even with the acknowledged dynamic range of the D7000, I often find myself overriding the meter lest I blow the highlights.

I recently did an impromptu test between my D7000 and the OMD at my local camera shop. The conditions were about as harsh as you can imagine: lunchtime, sunny day in the middle of an Australian summer. I stepped out into the Mall, both cams were set for Aperture priority, Matrix metering and similar focal lengths and took a test shot including some Hobart locals enjoying their lunches whilst sheltering from the Sun. Both cameras returned very similar exposures and I was able to pull a considerable amount of detail from the shadows in both files. Both had lost the specular highlights from chrome/white paint of cars in the background (as one would expect). Overall an excellent result for both cameras.

The X100 files are fabulous in that respect - there is so much detail in there at the high end. I wait to see how the X100s fares, since better AF would be a huge blessing (though it's the EVF lag that I find most annoying).

You are correct about the X100. Unfortunately the two that I owned both had the dreaded SAB, and ended up being returned. This, however, was start of me beginning to appreciate that the DSLR wasn't the only cat in town. I began to appreciate the possibilities of a small, relatively inconspicuous "take anywhere" camera., thus my continued interest in  mirrorless cameras such as the OMD.


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