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Re: OT: Windows 8 is the new Vista (no text)
In reply to Joe Federer, Jan 26, 2013

Joe Federer wrote:

Michael Fryd wrote:

I'm sorry, I've got to completely disagree with almost everything you said -- particularly when it comes to microsoft.

The problem is that most people are not power users. For most consumers, a tablet UI is a better choice.

ON A TABLET... yes. It certainly is.

On a desktop or laptop-used-as-desktop? An OS that takes advantage of the screen realestate and pixel-perfect pointing device is perferable... even for 'non-power-users'.

Power users (like most of us) are a small fraction of the market.

So an accountant writing macros for an excel document should do so on a tablet interfact by touching his screen? The HR manager should fill out forms in her office by reaching up and touching her screen? The scientists should run their modeling packages with their fingers sschmearing across their monitior?

A tablet inteface works great for tablets... where consuming content is the purpose. But for creating content (and even though it's not art, a managers power point is content) an OS that allows you to actually do your work efficiently is considerably more important than how easy it is to find netflix while laying on your couch.

There is a reason that after 50 years, the mouse and keyboard haven't been replaced -- they work perfectly for their task -- allowing people perfect control and/or to create content.

Companies who wish to make money tend to target the larger customer base (consumers) at the expense of losing the much smaller pro market.

I think you underestimate (or simply forgot about) the amount of money MS makes from the enterprise market. The market that does more than couch potatoe consume content on a tablet spends LOTS of money on improving efficiency... and each OS upgrade (ME not withistanding) has been a net increase in efficiency... less clicks, more intuitive, faster, etc. Because of that, the corprate market has continued to buy the next OS. Win8 threw that away so they could... what? Sell a few cheap tablets?


I expect both Microsoft and Apple to adopt the tablet interface for desktops. Apple is already selling far more tablets than desktops.

And profiting more on those desktops and have no plans (at least not publically) to move to a touch-based interface on their desktop OS.

Tablets and desktops can completely co-exist... I know I love my tablets AND love my desktops. But they don't need the same OS. They do different things with different tools (meat stick vs keyboard and mouse)... and SHOULD have different interfaces to best match those different tools, needs, and purposes.

I couldn't agree more.  There's room in the world for both, however, people seem to assume that whatever the next thing that Apple pimps is the be-all-end all for *every* type of computing which couldn't be further from the case.  The tablet craze is a fad now but eventually it will die down some and you'll see people who just need to actually do stuff beyond web-surfing, displaying, and playing games make their way back to some kind laptop or desktop setup.

As a sidenote:

Apple is in a precarious situation now if they want to retain blockbuster profits quarter after quarter.  By having Ipads and even their MacBooks become such popular fads they have made it tough for people to find a reason to move to their very high-end stuff(high end for them anyway).  I think they're going to struggle in this area in the upcoming five years unless they make a really strong push.

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