The End Of My X-Pro Era

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Re: I'm going the other way
In reply to designdog, Jan 25, 2013

designdog wrote:

Let me preface the following with the caveat that the X Pro1 is the finest digital photography experience I have ever had. I am keeping mine. I have all 3 Fuji primes, but do most of my shooting with a Nikon 28mm 2.8 ais, 50mm 1.2 ais, and 85mm 1.4 ais.

Now, onward.

It seems to me, in most of the negative reviews I have read on the X Pro1, that true context is lacking. Try a comparison (and since you brought the Leica into this, you should be familiar with it) of shooting with the X Pro1 and the Leica M - film or digital. Do not even think of another dslr, or mirrorless, or whatever. Just these two formats.

Yes, the XP1 has slow AF. The Leicas have NO AF. Yes the XP1 has some shutter lag. So do the digital Leicas. Yes the EVF on the XP1 is not state of the art. The Leica? Come on.

Now, with the right lens the Leicas will always win on image quality (at realistic ISO.) Of course they are full frame, and the lens is probably over $2,000. At high ISO the XP1 is better every time.

My point here is that in these negative reviews - even when the reviewer brings in the Leica at the beginning, as you did - the review starts to veer off towards dslr like expectations. Not the target for this camera. I think Fuji had a specific target, the one with the red dot and the $6,500 price tag.

The XP1 is not a Nikon beater. Or a Canon, Olympus, Sony, or Panasonic beater. It is a Leica beater. Put the blinders on, and view it in that perspective. If you want an all-everything camera, there are several to choose from. The OMD seems great. I bought a RX100 for my wife - it is a fine compliment for the XP1.

Regarding Aperture, I feel for you. but you had better start making the move to Lightroom sooner rather than later. The handwriting was on the wall when Apple cut Aperture's price about 300%. They are no longer in the pro market - software or hardware.

I have been on Macs since 1984, and Adobe since they bought Photoshop. The high end imac is great. I have confidence Adobe will fix the issue with the x trans.

Just, please, put the XP1 in its proper perspective, and good luck with your new camera!


All of these "I'm finished with the X-Pro 1 after using (fill in any of the current darling teeny-tiny sensor'ed 4/3'rds cameras), are getting pretty tiresome. It is NOT a DSLR wanna-be. It is NOT a gismo laden-ed, 2x cropped demi-cam that is nearly impossible to achieve either decent shallow DOF, or a competent WA lens that doesn't suffer from lack of speed. You may indeed want, and get a small and fast and versatile and incredible IQ - all-in-one, but their will always be compromises on every sort of platform you may end up choosing in digital photography - including your vaunted 4/3'rds one. To my way of utilizing the the X-Pro 1 in my everyday shooting, it is the best at what it does, and is suppised to do: in providing some of the very finest overall IQ, and optics (granted that it is still quite limited on the Fuji X-Mount) on the APS-C platform, hands down.

And t the OP, why didn't you just sell all of your Fuji gear via this venues (DPReview), or eBay..etc, instead of dumping it all back on your "dealer"? It's not their fault it took you 10 months to finally figure out that a camera like the X-Pro 1 is not exactly you cup of tea. I came from a Canon 5D II and knew right up front what I was getting into and why. Seems like you perhaps didn't really think through the whole more analogue based Fuji/Leica concept, and just jumped in whole-hog with one of the new, hot cams, only to later feel burned by it.

Well, good luck with your 2x cropped cam.

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