The End Of My X-Pro Era

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Re: I have to disagree...
In reply to Sutto, Jan 25, 2013

Hi Sutto,

Seems to me your problem is with the 60mm lens and not so much the X-Pro 1.

I agree that the 60mm is tricky in low-light which is why I never use it unless I have a gameplan for it.

Same with the 35mm so I really mainly use the 18mm which is plenty fast and accurate.

Will I throw my X-Pro 1 now when my 14mm is coming this weekend? Not likely, and when the other lenses start to arrive I think the X-Pro 1 system would be the best travel kit out there. Until the XP2.

Here is an album of low-light XP1 shots with the 18mm (2 are OMD and 1 is 5DM2) -

500px / Gerald Gay / Prayers for King Sihanouk


Sutto wrote:

My sentiments exactly. I have just come back to Australia after shooting for five weeks in Vietnam. For exactly the same reason as you (weight), I left my D700 and 80-200 AFD 2.8 behind. I just brought two lenses with the Pro1 and the X100. The X100 was magic as usual - but the Pro1 was so damned frustrating I wanted to wrap it around a post. I mostly used the 60mm 2.4 for sharpness and narrow depth of field. However, in the low lit temples I was working in, it would often miss focus then have to travel back and forth for the full length of its long travel - of course by then my shot was long gone. It was so infuriating and I missed so many shots because of that.

The image quality is ok, but I cannot get the beautiful colors I can from my NEF files. Coupled with lots of little things like - no diopter, no min shutter for auto ISO, can't move focus point with one finger, etc etc - it was a miserable experience. I worked out you can't bring a boy along to do a man's job.

I went straight to Camera Electronics in Perth upon my return and traded it all in on a mint D3x. The difference is out of this world. I have decided to cut down on weight by just using two small primes on the D700 (50mm) and D3x (85mm). I will never again be tempted to cut corners and think that a dinky system like that could replace a pro's DSLR.

The unbelievable thing though (and it seems to defy logic), is that as miserable an experience as the Pro1 was, the X100 is the antithesis of that. It is an absolute amazing little camera. I never miss a shot with this and the images have a beautiful dream like appeal that I can never get on the Pro1. I see no reason at all to waste any money getting the X100s - the images will look the same as those from the Pro1 - no thanks.


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