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G3 photos on Sony HDTV via memstick

Started May 10, 2003 | Discussions thread
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Gus Stangeland
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G3 photos on Sony HDTV via memstick
May 10, 2003

I am planning to get one of the new High Definition (HD) rear projection, large screen TVs. These high-end TVs have a memory stick slot where you can plug in your memory stick card and display pictures taken on your Sony digital camera on the large-screen HDTV. I saw this feature demo'ed in a store and was blown away by the quality of the picture on the TV.

As you all know, we can connect our G3's to our analog TVs via the A/V Out connection on the camera to a composite video input on the TV. This is ok, but the quality is very poor.The reason is that US analog TVs only display 480 lines, so the camera has to take this nice, sharp 2272 by 1704 (4 megapixel) picture and downsize it to 640 by 480 (0.3 mpx) to fit the TV. So the quality of the picture is drastically reduced.

On the Sony TV, the memory stick port converts the picture to 1440 by 1080 (1.6 mpx) (I think) making the picture look MUCH better. Plus because the TV is HD, it looks very good.

This is all fine and dandy, but as you would expect, in Sony's infinite wisdom of staying proprietary, you cannot just buy a memory stick card and a memory stick card reader/writer and copy your G3 jpegs to the memory stick and plug it in the TV and view your pictures. The pictures have to written to the memory stick in Sony's format. I understand the jpegs have to have some additional information embedded in the files and also the files have to be written on the memory stick in Sony's folder scheme.

Sorry for the long lead-up, but here are my questions: What software do I need to make this conversion (G3 jpeg to Sony jpeg), and where can I get this software? Have any of you done this and what were your results?

You may wonder why I didn't post this on the Sony forum, but my reason is that they would not have this problem and hence probably not have any suggestions.

Another note - all the "slide show" programs that I have looked at that create shows that can be burned to a Video CD (VCD) disk or DVD disk, also downsize the photos to 640 by 480. It would really be nice if some of these people would look ahead a bit and provide products compatable to HDTV. We all love our cameras and the pictures we take and it's human nature to show off our pictures to our friends and relatives. If one has an HDTV there sure ought to be a simple way to take advantage of the high definition capability to view our pictures. I suspect a lot will be done in this area in the next year or two, but I feel like they are already late.

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