How Nikon colors changed over the years.

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Re: How Nikon colors changed over the years.
In reply to Tony Beach, Jan 24, 2013

Not meaning accurate, but the same. But film does make you a better photographer and that because you half to be. No shooting RAW, getting it close and fixing in it in PS unless you scan it. Trust me, my film days are over for me and I'm not suggesting anyone to go back. But I just thought that it would be nice if I could take my card out and place it in another camera and get the same results. You could with film. But that's why there RAW converters and PS too take care of that.

Tony Beach wrote:

MTT wrote:

Looking at these makes you appreciate the old film days. You can use different bodies or brands and as long as you use the same film, same quality lens & exposure the color & noise would look the same or close to it. When a camera manufacture comes out with a camera the will give you 100% accuracy 100% of the time I be first in line to buy one. Yea, keep dreaming!!

It makes YOU appreciate the old film days; not me. Indeed, different lenses did create different colors, and that was one of the reasons photographers liked different brands over others, so those photographers would take issue with your assertion that only the film emulsion made a difference. As for "100% accuracy 100% of the time," no film ever did that and digital is much closer to providing accurate colors (if that's what you want), and many deliberately chose grossly inaccurate colors from film emulsions like Velvia.

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