Sony also admits that 16mm F2.8 is a total failure

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Re: Sony also admits that 16mm F2.8 is a total failure
In reply to Tommygun45, Jan 23, 2013

See the posts above (copy attached).  I was just putting my "two cents" in, relating to the sizes of the cameras/lenses.

Puddleglum wrote:

verybiglebowski wrote:

jbwong wrote:

That's the reason why they release another wide prime - with a 20mm though..

hopefully the optics is on par with Sigma 19mm

Even if it would be, (which I seriously doubt, as it will need bunch of SW corrections) Sigma 19 is not a big and certainly not a heavy lens. 2 times higher price (recently over 3 times if bought with Sigma 30), for slightly smaller size?

Still, there will be lot of users who would defend it, because it's pancake, so your jacket pocket can be a ted smaller

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45.7 mm vs 20 mm is not "slightly" smaller. It is less than half the size of the Sigma 19mm. We all have different tradeoffs we are looking for in a lens, so it's not for me to tell others they should like this lens, but I really get baffled at the number of users in the NEX forum that don't seem to get that in the NEX system there is a huge emphasis on compact size.

And I am getting baffled by those who think that everyone bought NEX only because of size, which is certainly not true either. So if for some, 25.7mm difference worth almost 3 times higher price, and most probably worse optical quality, enjoy this little gem from Sony. Maybe they should make 18-200 pancake too. That would be something...

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