RRS camera plates for D800 & D800E appeared.

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Re: RRS camera plates for D800 & D800E appeared.
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I had heard at the CES show that there was talk among some of the manufacturers of these type of plates about trying to find a new name for them that does not include Arca since Arca is only one of several companies that make bases and plates with this style of plate. Apparently since Arca is one of the companies making and offering this style plate the other companies are looking for a name that does not include the name of a competitor.

Novoflex makes an awful lot of Arca compatible plates. Some, according to their web site, are as small as 25mm x 39mm and extremely slim. Others are double sided, Arca profile on both the top and bottom of the plate, and as long as 18", I don't think that it would be unusual to find some that might not fit another manufacturer's quick release system. But they do not say that ALL Novoflex plates do not fit. I know there was an earlier thread about a Novoflex focusing rack or bellows system not fitting some RRS bases so the comment above may have been about a Arca compatible Novoflex accessory not fitting properly and not a Novoflex quick release base.

What is different between different manufacturer's Arca compatible systems is the location and function of any safety systems/locks/interfaces between the plate and the base.

Every manufacturer of cameras, tripods, heads, monopods and quick releases is totally free to design any type of plate system they want. As long as it does not infringe on another's patents. And the Arca design is so old that there can not be a patent that is valid on the plate design. Patents may be active on the quick release Arca compatible base units however.
There is absolutely no standard anywhere that defines a quick release plate size or dimension.

Is Arca Swiss a standard defined by some organization? RRS and some others only refer to their products as Arca Swiss style..."

While that may well be the case, RRS have a warning on their website linked to above "Warning: many Novoflex plates do not work even in our screw-knob style plates.".

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