16/50 lens correction issue - RAW workload vs JPG

Started Jan 22, 2013 | Questions thread
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john Clinch
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Re: 16/50 lens correction issue - RAW workload vs JPG

guermantes wrote:


Please bear with me as I have little experience of non-p&s photography.

I am thinking of getting the NEX6 with the kit lens as my first camera, but would like to know a bit what I am in for. I have read about the lens' issues and it seems if I shoot JPG the camera do the corrections for my but if I shoot RAW there is a NEX6 profile in LR 4.3 that can be applied to do the same corrections.

I would prefer shooting in RAW (I like the idea of keeping the most possible detail) and then outputting in LS, but I have not done this before so I would like to get an idea of the workload involved.

I always shoot RAW. Its not really much effort at all. I strongly recomend Lightroom. As has been said it just a click to apply the lens profile to every image in the import. I don't think that the detail think is that relevant. Out of camera jpgs are very good. But to me its a huge benefit to say redo the white balance after the event

I understand that in order to correct my deficiencies as a photographer the work in LR can become tedious but that I am prepared for in order to learn.

I don't see it like that. I'm happy to say that I shoot RAW as it means i can be sloppy in the field. When i get home I can change many aspects of my photos. i have more time at home than in beautiful places

But as for correcting the deficiencies of the lens, is that something like a "click to apply" solution or will each RAW image require manual choices and things to be done to it in order not to be distorted or vignetted?


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