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NuFonaut wrote:

Nightwings wrote:


Actually, in reality Greece is a very conservative society...and whilst they may have used the guise label of a socialistic GOVT in past years....the truth is, Greece is up the creek without a paddle...simply because of the "old school" elitist crowd and the non-compliance of anyone "at the top" (including the corp elite)...from paying their fair share of anything tax related.

It most certainly wasn't "socialism" that bankrupted Greece at all...and neither was it the common man or woman.

In fact, quite the was old-school, right-wing, greedy elitism.

So using Greece, in that example mentioned 100% incorrect.


This has GOT to be one of the most delusional ..... misinformed post on I've read.... in ANY FORUM on ANY TOPIC.... at any time.

I've booked marked this post for future reference to serve as a reminder to me...... just what a complete and utter waste of time and energy this forum is. imho.


KEVZPHOTOS: "Actually, in reality Greece is a very conservative society..."

KEVZPHOTOS: "It most certainly wasn't "socialism" that bankrupted Greece at all..."



Time to get back to photography....... or anything else for that matter.

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If you are trying to prove that it was Socialism that brought Greece down you will indeed have a hard time. Of course there were contributing factors as a too big public sector and people retiring very early, however people not paying taxes and corrupt and greedy elites and banks are way more to blame.

The funny thing is (with regard to Nightwings ridiculous comments here) is that GREECE is probably the last place in Europe that true "socialism" could exist.

It's far more logical (and socially practical) for socialism to grow/prosper within a more rigid, Teutonic, organized and well structured society with an equitable/level playing field....such as in places like Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, and so forth.

Southern European societies like Greece...traditionally do not have these types of inherent characteristics...and therefore it would be very difficult to implement it.

Sure, PASOK may call themselves a "socialist" movement....but that in reality only came about as a counter-response to the defeat of the Military Junta after 1974, etc.

and BTW, PASOK have never obtained more than 48% of the national vote in Greece during their long GOVT presence since the 70's.

And sure, Greece may indeed have some generous institutionalized "social programs" for their citizens...just as all other western democracies do.

However, Greek society is most certainly NOT socialist in nature by any stretch of the imagination.

In stark reality it is a traditionalpatriarchal setup....with a strong "elitist" control base. It has never been an equal or level playing field at all. Just ask any working class Greek and they will set you straight right away.

In fact, aside a few decent social programs...such as health-care, pensions, etc...and union protection for workers rights....I seriously think that the Greek People would totally reject "socialism" as their system...because it's very counter to the Greek national psyche, outlook, etc.


"No problem can be solved at the level of consciousness which created it" - Albert Einstein

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