Who Else would like to see a separate 1D/s/x forum?

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Marcus Antonius
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In reply to Mako2011, Jan 22, 2013

Mako2011 wrote:

Marcus Antonius wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

PhotoKhan wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

Some of the complainers though do seem to exhibit a a certain sense of entitlement by virtue class.

Please state which particular replies on this thread exhibit that trait.

Why? It's not hard to pick out the few posts that some might consider as exhibiting that tone. Pointing them out specifically serves no positive purpose.

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My opinions are my own and not those of DPR or its administration. They carry no 'special' value (except to me and Lacie of course)

It may be me that's 'ignorant' at the moment (to use the popular word in this thread) but i did not read any post where someone 'exhibited a certain sense of entitlement by virtue class'. And i think making such statements by addressing 'no one specific' only raises confusion and some might take this as an insult...

Which is exactly the point I was making...many here are adding "intent" that never existed. I see it as very obvious a post or two that does seem to display a certain tone...you do not. I try hard to see your side of the coin as it gives me a better perspective from which to draw understanding....Just as I don't really think somebody here suggested all users in a certain class are elitist.Looking back at the actual text...I can't find where that was said.

Always interesting how words written can be seen in many lights. For instance....when I say "no insults was intended", do you take that at face value or make a different assessment?

BTW, no insult was intended. That's a factual statement but I do understand it may not be accepted.

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My opinions are my own and not those of DPR or its administration. They carry no 'special' value (except to me and Lacie of course)

'No insult intended' does not mean no insult can be taken. Funny story on the radio today about insults which is a good example. We all know the day our woman asks if her behind is a little too large for the dress she has chosen for the night out, and you have to answer that. Now if that's the case and you tell her "no insult intended, but i think you're right and you should change dress" do you think that'll work? Yet it is still being "honest" and telling how you feel.

Now let me be really honest about my intentions (and that might insult some), and maybe some of the 'elitist' thoughts are true in that case and i do feel addressed to by you in a way. I do believe that (some of) my work and knowledge and i can name few others here (of the recent postings i think of Hans Kruse, octane2, PK, md7953) by far extend the knowledge and talent of the majority on this forum lately, and i can't blame any one of them (and excuse me if i did not mention your work because you decided to quit posting it long ago) leaving this forum for what it is because there's so much water added to the liquor, that it can no longer be called liquor... (something kids to to their fathers liquor stock not being discovered)

Now let me turn it around:

I can still remember a post i made a few months ago about photography in general, what has become of it since having a DSLR has became an every-man's hobby. And i believe this is the core of this discussion:

It has everything to do with marketing and the ever expanding hype of photography that "with canon you can!" no you cannot! Just like with every creative profession in life, if you lack talent, you will never get there. Gear won't change that. Just as much as people believe you are good with post processing, that you can make a lousy composed, badly lit photo an A+, no i can't. I can make a good photo shine, but i can't perform miracles. When i started working with PS (and i believe it was version 4!, peope asked, photo... shoppe? what's that? is it like a store? and now, people buy the CS versions like if it's buying a new pair of socks... because they all think 'they can'.

Does this change anything, no it won't. I think it has everything to do with 'dealing with the circumstances'. And maybe that's what i'll do...


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