Who Else would like to see a separate 1D/s/x forum?

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Re: i'm afraid you didn't understand the request.
In reply to plevyadophy, Jan 22, 2013

plevyadophy wrote:

schmegg wrote:

Brett Beiner wrote:

For this moderator to comment that 1D users are "elitist", for wanting a forum that is more in tune with their photographic knowledge and experience, shows the extent of his ignorance and that of DPR regarding the purpose of desiring to have a separate forum.

Number one - I'm a member of the forums and I'm just as allowed to have an opinion on this as you are!

Number two - my comment was that some of the points being made and the way they were being made does seem a bit elitist. I did not say that all 1D users are elitist - nor do I think that. Some of my best friends use 1D's, and I myself use them at work some times.

And for him to think that the 6D belongs because it has a full frame sensor is the epitome of ignorance.

You like the "ignorance" word, don't you.

In effect, you are calling the site administrators ignorant for choosing to include the 6D in this forum.

I really don't think what you are saying is any more than opinion, and I really don't see that your opinion is worth any more or less than theirs or anyone else's.

But I do support your right to put them forward in an intelligent and friendly manner (and to this end, perhaps not implying everyone who doesn't agree with you is 'ignorant' would be a reasonable place to start!)

People were screaming for a separate 1D forum many years before the 1DX arrived. The point of having a separate forum had nothing to do with full frame vs. crop...considering that 1D & 1Ds users wanted a 1 series forum that would include both...seven years ago.

Fine, and yet on the first page we have currently two thread discussing the merits of 5D vs 1D bodies. So maybe, just maybe, there is more than one conclusion to be drawn as to what is best for the forums.

You seem to me to be a bit prickly about the use of the word "ignorant" and that shows your ignorance.

The word is often taken to mean "stupid", "foolish" or some such negative. In actual fact the word also means "one who lacks understanding [of a certain topic]" or "one who is unaware" and given the title of this this sub-thread (i.e. "i'm afraid you didn't understand the request") the word "ignorant" was used correctly and appropriately.

So now you are no longer ignorant.

You assume to know exactly the meaning the poster intended to use. You might be wrong. It that vein...it seems "unaware" might have been misplaced.

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My opinions are my own and not those of DPR or its administration. They carry no 'special' value (except to me and Lacie of course)

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