Who Else would like to see a separate 1D/s/x forum?

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Getting bored with your falsehoods Re: i'm afraid you didn't understand the request.
In reply to schmegg, Jan 22, 2013

schmegg wrote:

Richard wrote:

Here it is, in black and white, straight up and right off the cuff, yes, I strongly consider the Administrators of the site not only ignorant but also short sighted and lazy for including the 6D in this forum.


Hehe - don't hold back Richard - tell us what you reallythink!

Of course, they are my bosses, so I'd be a bit less harsh.

Seems to me that there is some overlap between people deciding between 6D and 5D bodies, just as there is between 5D and 1D. So having them all together makes some sense - at least to some.

But, of course, I respect your opinion too. It's just as valid as anyone else's, including mine.

There are a bunch of 1D shooters here, such as yourself, who really are an asset to the forum, and do help out others shooting with 'lesser' bodies (though the term is poor, in some aspects they are 'better' bodies).

And it a shame that your attitude about helping others perhaps isn't as widespread amongst some other 1D users, as this is precisely what these forums are all about! I think it's a pity that some would consider it 'a hassle' to have people with less knowledge than themselves, or using bodies that they consider 'not worthy' to be bothered with, posting to the same forum.

I have no problem finding 1D posts in the forum. Nor do I have problems finding 5D or 6D posts. Most threads mention the relevant body in the title, and those that don't take about five seconds to eliminate. It's really not that big a deal. And you can tell me it is till your blue in the face, but I already know it's not as I use these forums too.

A quick look at this forum as I type this shows 60 threads on the first page. Of these, 48 mention the relevant camera type in the title - no need to even open the thread! Of the rest, most are generic and not body specific threads.

What is hard to do is to find posts relevant to a particular issue as the search function is not great. But that's the same for everyone on these forums. So we all just have to cope with that - unless, of course, you feel that 1D shooters deserve better treatment than other forum users? And, if you do, perhaps you could explain why.

Your last paragraph, you keep on saying or implying that a request for a 1D series forum is elitist or aksing for special treatment. That argument is ONE MILLION PERCENT FALSE. And each time you have spread this falsehood I have challenged you and you have CONVENIENTLY ignored it.

The FACT of the matter is that if 1D series got their own forum they WOULD NOT BE GETTING BETTER TREATMENT THAN OTHER FORUM USERS.

Simply use your mouse, like millions of others can, and hover over the Forums drop down menu of this site and there you will see (which I am repeating for the umpteenth time!! ) a Nikon DX SLR form AND A SEPARATE Nikon Pro DX SLR. So at some point someone at DPReview agreed with the majority of folks in this thread in that it was felt that certain body categories are best treated separately rather than being lumped together simply because they share the same sensor size. And following the naysayers' same sensor size argument, one would get rid of the Sony NEX forum on the basis that NEX cameras have APS-C sized sensors with interchangeable lenses so they can be amalgamated with the Sony Alpha forum. No!!!

If you don't wanna address the challenge I keep raising with you, please at least drop the falsehoods.

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