Who Else would like to see a separate 1D/s/x forum?

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Re: Going the wrong way on a one way street
In reply to Schwany, Jan 22, 2013

Schwany wrote:

schmegg wrote:

Schwany wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

...a dedicated 1 series forum will not produce enough traffic.

Couldn't agree more. The traffic would be fine. Besides, traffic alone does not a quality forum make. If it did this thread and topic would never pop up.

There is no statiscal data supporting this claim. In fact, there is data to suggest otherwise. Look at the forum traffic before the the introduction of the 5D. Pretty robust if memory serves.

Now that DPR has moderators, they can keep out the doofus' wishing to pick fights with the advanced users.

I'm guessing you're not really talking about photographers in this scenario. I personally would not appreciate a short timer in need of a power fix kicking me out of any forum on this site because I didn't agree with someone that felt they were an advanced user beyond reproach. Anyway, that advanced user versus doofus concept gave me a chuckle.

I'd just like to comment on a couple of misconceptions you appear to have.

1. Moderators are here to police the forum rules. If you obey the rules you will not be given a "short timer". If, however, you break the rules, then your knowledge is irrelevant. And, if you are a long time member, then moderators are less likely to cut you some slack as you should know better.

2. The period of time you have been a member here does not mean your opinions are any more valid than anyone else's, nor does it mean you are in any way superior. The subtle suggestion that this might be the case simply adds further weight to the calls of elitism.

Now, point that gun away from your foot!

Huh? I was talking to Rick, and not well you.

OK - though you certainly did talk about me, or more correctly, moderators - so I felt, particularly in light of the nature of your comment, that a response was warranted.

I don't see anything in "my" comment about my knowledge being superior, or anything about how long I've been around. Those are your personal uncalled for assumptions.

Fair enough - my apologies if I mistook what you meant, it was not my intention I assure you.

Can a moderator ban somebody because they don't like what they have to say even if what they have to say is not breaking any of the written rules?

No - they are not supposed to.

The grey area is trolling, baiting and harassment  of course. And, in this case, Mako and I work together and come to an agreed course of action - and this includes reviewing the posting history of the member in question, for instance.

Based on your response I suspect moderators can do just about anything they want to, rules or not.

They are supposed to, as I clearly said, enforce the forum rules.

I certainly did not imply that they "can do just about anything they want to", and if you interpreted my comment that way then, let me reiterate - moderators are here to ensure that people taking part in the forums are obeying the rules.

I need to turn my car around and get off this one way street.

It's fine. We are simply having a discussion.

And, though it's not normal to discuss moderation in the forums (in fact, discussing moderator actions is against the rules), I appreciate the opportunity to explain, in a brief manner, what we are doing and how we approach the task.

How about this: Moderators are the bestest people ever. I would let my daughter marry one, if I had a daughter.


Seriously though - my response to Rick was meant to be a positive thing!

I really am, as is Mako, interested in the forum being a friendly and constructive environment. We both take the role very seriously and we both do our very best to do the job the way the site admins want us too.

We spend a significant amount of our spare time doing this, and I simply wanted to let people know that we are here to help with troublemakers - just let us know and we will do everything we can. And, as I was careful to say, and perhaps you missed, that means within the rules of the forum and using them as ourĀ guideline.

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