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Dump the Monarchy

Started Jan 20, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Dump the Monarchy
In reply to CLOSED ACCOUNT, Jan 21, 2013


Marcamera wrote:

Still, I am waiting for you to substantiate the claim of Queen's hard work, 15 hrs /day, budgets, salaries, etc. Or, did you pull your statement from the air?

In addition, I absolutely fully agree with Lanef that the fact that their position is hereditary, makes them nothing but pests. They have no achievements other than keeping tight lip and straight face.

Do you think a goof like Prince Charles could hold a job? Any job? Queen Mother could probably do well in some accounting function, boring but meticulous, but that would be a real job.

Brand them as you like, that part I may agree with. But please do not attribute achievements, hard work , etc to them. There is nothing of the sort that takes place there.

Where is her daily schedule again?

Pls answer , your statement, you substantiate it.


As I said...I recently watched a BBC documentary on the Queen...which was all about her working schedule. To be quite honest....I was shocked at the number of hours she actually puts in....her yearly engagement schedule is insane...because it involves so much travel, and all the rest of it.

Her daily schedule is a lot more rigorous than I had ever imagined. Don't forget she is 86 years old now for fvucks sake.

She gets up early in the morning and is often doing paper work and prep for the next days engagement very late at night.

Everyone imagines that she gets all that 'done' for her by somebody else. Well, she's always been a hands on person...and has been directly involved in all that stuff.

IF you want her daily schedule - you can have it.

I most certainly don't....I don't ever roll out of bed until at least 10:00am


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"No problem can be solved at the level of consciousness which created it" - Albert Einstein

I can't believe you're so enamorated with the Queen.

You throw statements without a base, my turn: 99.99% of world population would take her daily routine over theirs..

And how  else would you expect BBC to document Queen's life?

What would you expect the Tea Party to say about Rush Limbaugh, for one? Of course it would be objective. No?

Kev, I do not think you see the difference between doing a job out of necessity of survival, and doing a job of your own choice at your own pace, without survival pressures.


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