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World's happiest and most prosperous countries.

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Re: Some interesting things to point out
In reply to Midnighter, Jan 21, 2013

Midnighter wrote:

Brian wrote:

Midnighter wrote:

Brian wrote:

1) The U.S. Ranked #2 for health. hmmmm how can this be without socialized medicine


I guess because a significant part of their data relies on self reported well-being so it runs into the problem of warped perspective (like believing you are in the middle class even when you are really in the poor working/class) and limited perspective with no comparative experience (like being happy with a loaf of bread and thinking you are well fed while your neighbor dines on pheasant).

What would you define as the poor working class?

That varies nation to nation according to distribution of wealth and assigned poverty levels, but what I was alluding to is that many people seem to want to believe they are better off than they really are compared to their fellow citizens and that distribution of wealth is more even than it actually is. I don't know if this effect is replicated in many countries but its certainly true of both Australia and the US.

seem to think they are better off than they really are compared to their fellow countrymen?  That is a messed up statement.  Who are we to dictate ones happiness by comparing him to another person?  Take two people.  One owns a 1500sqft home and drives a Ford Focus.  The other owns a 4000sqft home and drives a BMW 5 series. Both people have safety, food, and clothing.  Both own homes, have reliable transportation.  Most likely there is a large income disparity between the two.  Shouldn't the guy with the smaller home and cheaper car also consider himself middle class?  Is he lacking any of the necessities of life?  So why is it so important to compare him with the guy with the BMW?

Also I think because health expenditure per person in the US is HUUUUUUUUUUUGE. That would be, in socialized care, a good thing.... because the money would create a more effective health outcome per dollar. However if hospital treatment for anaphylactic shock costs 5-10 times more in the US than in a nation with more socialized care what do you make of it? 5-10X more money spent on care... must mean health is better

But it doesn't cost 5-10X more. Maybe 2x more, but certainly not 5-10x more. For some reason people think health insurance would cost less in the U.S. if it were a single payer system. I don't buy into it at all.

I would not be so sure. It cost me 9X the money to be treated for the same condition in a US hospital as it did for a foreign tourist to be treated here in Australia for the same thing, plus the hospital threw in a 'sorry' because the patient had to pay the full cost of their care (which was from the non-profit cost schedule).

It might have cost you 9X the money, but I doubt the procedure cost 9X.  The U.S. isn't set up to treat people without insurance, except for the super poor.  If the Australian medical system uses Australian tax dollars to pay for foreigners medical procedures, then that is just dandy for the foreigner,  sucks to be the tax payer though.

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