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Isn't it time we dump the monarchies? The British monarchy is the worst bunch of f-ups and louses around and yet they live in rich opulence and thumb their noses at their subjects and the world in general. Its like how stupid is the general public to allow these farces to continue?

The British Royal Family and all it's related trimmings earn the UK $billions in tourist dollars every single year.

It costs the UK tax-payer only $180 Million per annum to keep them. Seems like a pretty good investment to me.

Also, the Royals have a lot of ambassador style clout in the business world...and secure lots of trade & investment contracts from overseas firms for Britain....that just regular diplomats and biz contacts could not.

London is (by far) the worlds most visited city. Do you think this would be the case...IF England had no monarchy, no Buckingham Palace, no Tower of of London, no Windsor Castle, and all the rest of it?

Nah, I don't think so.

Plus, IF one gets rid of the Royals....what do you actually replace it with (as a tourism /business destination-vehicle)...and how much is that going to cost instead? To create the kind of destination-market pull that Britain has at the moment...via other means, may in the long run be extremely difficult to do....and a lot more costly.

There's nothing wrong with maintaining ones heritage and cultural traditions...IF the country and it's people actually benefit from it. Britain, without a Royal Family and everything that this entails would simply be like any other colonial outpost.

And that just wouldn't do....now would it ole chap

Pass the TEA would you.



So, if you had Bob Iger they would be out in the street? It seems a little sad that their subjects see them as a tourist attraction.

I don't think the Royal family are complaining, nor (most of )the British people. It is the best of all the alternatives for us. I'm for keeping it.

You and Rupert Murdoch think alike. He has made billions selling the sordid details. I bet you are his biggest customer. Did you see the nudies of prince Harry?

You are confusing two different issues.

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