How did we survive?

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Re: How did we survive?
In reply to John Carson, Jan 21, 2013

John Carson wrote:

chkproductions wrote:

For me, it's not that technology built into cameras has evolved - for the economic engine to keep churning, it's a necessity. But for me it is the decline in the art and craft of "seeing" Technology has a great ability to compromise this issue. Photography is a visual endeavor and that is of seeing, not parsing each and every nook and cranny of the process that got you there. If it is the process only, then the effort becomes a "technique" only effort. I just think all the technology, as interesting and amazing as it is, has clouded the process of "seeing"

There is no reason why this should be true. Modern cameras allow you to get technically excellent photographs with a minimum of technical effort - at least compared to film. That should free up photographers to major on composition, subject lighting and so on. If a large percentage don't do this, then I am confident that an even larger percentage didn't in the good old days. I think you are looking at the past through rose-coloured glasses.

In this forum, people talk about the technicalities of cameras. That is because that is what the forum is for. Go to a forum that is about taking photos, and you get a different set of priorities.

I will say that when I attend a Boston Pro Users Group event on a new video camera or a piece production equipment, the audience is largely in the 40-50-60 year old range with only a smattering of 20 somethings. So, I don't think age plays into this discussion as the only defining issue. And at one event, I asked if the ease of the VDSLR's and other video cameras can make us "sloppy" shooters. In general I think most in attendance humbly agreed that it did.

Yes, of course they did. An audience of grumpy old men and women.

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john carson

Weill, I opened with "for me" and for me it is true - for you, it is not.

And the audience is not grumpy.  They attend the user's group to actively research, learn and participate in the latest and greatest technologies as they are the working production people based in New England that shoot the commercials, documentaries and news footage.  I think they would differ with your demeaning comment.

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