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Isn't it time we dump the monarchies? The British monarchy is the worst bunch of f-ups and louses around and yet they live in rich opulence and thumb their noses at their subjects and the world in general. Its like how stupid is the general public to allow these farces to continue?

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"Dumping the British Monarchy" is not a decision an American will ever get to make. FWIW they bring in millions (if not billions) of pounds of tourism to our country every year, they make a valuable contribution to our history and heritage and the head of state is also part of our democratic process. Instead of arming every citizen we take the more civilised view that our head state can also be a "checkpoint" for key changes to law and governance, we find it's a lot safer that way for everyone.
The Royal Family bring in far more revenue to the country than they cost and they are also the envy of many countries who either have never had a monarchy (USA for instance) or who got rid of their own.
I challenge anyone to go and experience the "Trooping of the colour" or any other similar occasion involving the Royal Family and not be impressed.

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I beg to differ. The USA has already dumped the monarchy. I seem to remember a little war in which we sent your little ships and toy solders packing back to England. We have what we want. It may not be the people we want all the time but we have the government we chose.

Fortunately for you we had bigger fish to fry at the time.

Right now we have a president who thinks he is King but that won't last very much longer. We have an election every 4 years.

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You might also want to tell the thousands of American tourists who visit London because of the monarchy.

I refuse to believe that most of your fellow citizens regard their queen as a well-dressed carnival barker whose job is to bring them into the tent. I haven't read every post in this thread, but that's the sense I get. Why have a monarchy? The tourists like to gawk and they spend money while doing so. It seems that if a not-too-garish theme park could be developed, she'd be out of a job. Maybe you could get Disney to do an animatronic version! If this thread represents the prevailing view in Great Britain, then she gets a heck of a lot more respect from this side of the pond.

It certainly is more than this!

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