Replacement for D300??

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Re: If I cared about portability...

tommiejeep wrote:

deednets wrote:

You didn't ask but the camera I would buy in a heartbeat, if it wasn't so damned heavy & expensive is the D4 .. 16Mpx and fast as ... with a 70-200/2.8 VRII ... and a 105/2.8 MICRO ...

The D3S is now my most used camera and it, coupled with the 70-200vrII, my most used combo. D700 probably second and the Oly EM-5 gets a lot of use for walkabout. Now that I am slowly moving from CNX2 to lightroom 4 and CS6 the Oly will get even more use. I do have a fair number of good Nikkors to shoot.

In the meantime I will just have some fun ...

Always has to be fun



Fuji intrigues me but two systems is enough

Still waiting on the D400 or whatever to give me a Dx companion to the D3S. Smaller cameras are getting better all of the time and I most certainly appreciate your views.

ps I've tried to love my son's D5100 but it just doesn't work for me


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Sure the D3s ... I can understand why this would be your most used combo! I will give the heave gear brigades a rest for now, might at a later stage get a D900 plus 85/1.4 + 20/2.0 thats all ... but for now I guess I am gone ... I wasn's actually when I started this thread, but have made up my mind now ...

Deed, Auckland

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