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Re: Moderator note
In reply to blogan, Jan 20, 2013

blogan wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

blogan wrote:

sjgcit wrote:

blogan wrote:

I don't remember seeing any guidelines or parameters for what constitutes a legitimate topic for discussion.

At the top of the Open Talk listings you'll find this text :

Welcome to the Open Talk Forum, the place for threads related to digital photography. Threads unrelated to digital photography are not allowed here.

So in a strict sense we could ban any film related discussions here. Moderator policy is to be a little more flexible, but sometimes film discussions get a little trollish and inflamed ( on both sides ), so let's keep it civil so I don't have to do anything.

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This is directed at me? Who's not being civil?

You questioned what constituted legitimate discussions allowed on DPR. The reply was that technically, a discussion of film is not within the rules. Other than that, I think you're reading too much into the comment.


Yes, I understood the rules part, I think I was more referring to the civility aspect. Whatever was meant, I thought this was a comparison between film and digital? So because the word or subject of film comes up in a discussion about the marketing of digital vs. film, the moderator has to chime in like that? The mod said "So in a strict sense we could ban any film related discussions here." So then you would have to take this discussion to the film forum and get banned for a discussion on digital.

Yeah maybe I've had too much coffee, but the whole comment seems a little unwarranted.

Well if there was even a film discussion, people there could equally say the poster is bringing up the topic of digital ... in a forum that is said to be about film so in strict terms it shouldn't be posted there.

What I am saying is when we say it has to be about digital photography, it is not clear if it is meant to be ONLY about digital photography or it can be about say comparison of digital photography versus film photography? likewise, can someone in the Canon forum compares canon cameras to nikon camera? In very literal or legal sense, the term ' In this forum' the discussion must be about digital photography is not clear whether it means the digital photography must be the entirety of the topic orĀ  it can be only a part of it. And if it can be a part of it, then does it have to be an essential part of it or not. In any case, to me, when the matter is a comparison between film and digital, then digital is an essential part of the topic.

Of course, in case of ambiguity, it remains to decide who has the authority to assert what is the 'right' interpretation of the regulation pretty much like any legal system: can moderators also interpret? In general it is not a good idea to mix judicial and executive tasks in the same person (essentially important to all modern democratic systems).

Anyway, I don't really care whoever is going to decide about it and what that decision would be like. I am only curious what caused DpReview to decide to have moderators in a forum that seemed being unsupervised/uncontrolled for a long time.

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