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Re: Canon G1X Firmware update?
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Jostian wrote:

MrSkelter wrote:

You've picked two good but interesting cameras. People who are Canon loyalists aren't aware of how much better sensors can be. The G1X is great compared to other Canons but Nikon APS C bodies, NEX and Pentax are markedly better at all ISO's.

The Canon lens is superb but the slowness means it's harder to use than it should be. All that said there's no better fixed zoom solution available today. I suspect Olympus and Panasonic will soon challenge that though with a fast zoom and a large sensor.

The Nikon 1's speed with G1X quality or better would be devastating. The problem for those companies is that it would make anything but an upgrade to full frame unnecessary for 90% of people.

Even with a brighter lens Canon need to give us more than 1 frame a second and faster control. The zoom is slow and a control ring on the lens would make a huge difference. They're also missing key software features. Blinkies can be added with a hack but focus peaking and manual focus are hard to lose when you've enjoyed the control they give you.

mmm, the sensor good compared to other canon APS-C's, canon loyalist, markedly better at ALL iso's ... I think not. Do some comparisons on DPReview and the G1X is great across all brands, I have a D300S and the G1x is better at higher iso's, I have a NEX 5R and the G1x is equal to it. So in terms of sensor its as good as they get (relatively), and your comment implies that the other brands' sensors are better than canon's, I dont see any of the superiority comming through in reviews. Generally the IQ in the canons is as good as all other brands and in some cases better... But I agree with the rest of what you say.

You say other brands have superior sensors that are markedly better than the one in the G1X, but to me you are dreaming... and lets not forget these are DSLR's vs a P&S.

12800 iso crops

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Fair point but comparing JPEG's isn't relevant to me. I am assuming people shoot RAW. You are also loading the deck by pushing to ISO's so high every camera breaks down and it becomes easier to argue. It's all subjective at ISO 12800 because every camera is doing a lot of work to produce a color image.

That said I believe my statement stands.

Obviously it's subjective but look at tests on other sites as well as this one. DPR's tests are marred by changing image size, missed focus and a host of other flaws. Worst of all, as shown above, there's nothing less scientific than simply eyeballing a patch at 100%. It's not how we view, it's not how we print, it's not relevant.

I have owned these cameras and there's nothing in it for me. I can tell you all day about the merits of Canon software, the elegance of Nikon's hardware design, the brilliance of Pentax engineering and the packaging capabilities of Sony. The G1X has a worse sensor than the K01, the D700 and the NEX 5N and it's price when I bought it - $800 - placed it firmly against APS-C DSLR's. That said it also has a fixed lens and a smaller than APS-C sensor. Even with the same technology it would still catch less light.|0/(brand)/Sony/(appareil2)/801|0/(brand2)/Nikon/(appareil3)/769|0/(brand3)/Canon

As I have found myself, less dynamic range and poorer in low-light.

I found the G1 X great to ISO 800, passable at 1600 and reliant on a lot of post-processing and careful technique beyond that. Of course for me, light for light, it's always at a disadvantage because I own almost no slow (i.e. 2.8+) glass. To many people it makes no difference but I shoot very technically, often exposing for highlights in a way which means I need to push shadows hard in post.

I'm not trying to start a war though. I'm one of the few Canon shooters and appreciators who.

1. Admits Canon sensors are not leading the pack at present (which is irrelevant outside discussions like this).

2. Remembers when Canon dominated everything before Nikon shook up the rule book by pining its rep on full-frame high ISO performance. Let's not forget, before the D3 Nikon lagged in sensor capability. Canon was the high ISO benchmark. Things will change again.

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