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Re: Whats dumb
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Midnighter wrote:


Midnighter wrote: that we talk about temperatures on land when the earths surface is covered by 70.8% water, but accurate records of sea temperatures only go back a few decades.

It's not reall dumb...because we live ON land...and not IN water


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Depends on the extent to which you see predictable behavior as dumb I guess. As your sig says it requires that a problem be recognized with higher level thinking than what created it. If the earth was 1% land and 99% ocean just measuring land temperatures might seem more obviously stupid, perhaps.

Oh, from a global climate study perspective...then of course ocean temp would be very important with regard to research data, etc.

However, purely from a daily "weather" standpoint to the common fella...air temps on land are of course more important.

Altho, I do follow sea temps in places like the Med, etc...just to see IF the average (normal) readings are increasing or whatever.

However, it seems that the "warmest" ocean temps recorded each year (usually around 31.5C maximum) places like Kuwait, southern coast of Mexico (near Oaxaca)...and just off the south Vietnam coast.....haven't actually risen in decades.


Now we have things like the Argo float network:

But that only began roll-out in 2000 and was completed a few years back. Most of everything before that about ocean temperatures was hacked together with duct tape, prayer and vague estimates.

When the science on Argo comes in, and it will be a few more years yet, I think people will probably get the shock of their lives. As it stands what is visibly happening now is ocean species migration, basically as the earth heats up ocean species are moving toward the poles. That should create die-off of species in the hotter areas of the ocean and increased species competition toward the poles.

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"No problem can be solved at the level of consciousness which created it" - Albert Einstein

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