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Re: Canon G1X Firmware update?
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howardroark wrote:

MrSkelter wrote:

You've picked two good but interesting cameras. People who are Canon loyalists aren't aware of how much better sensors can be. The G1X is great compared to other Canons but Nikon APS C bodies, NEX and Pentax are markedly better at all ISO's.

Let me understand this. You think if someone is a "Canon loyalist" they don't have the ability nor desire to read reviews of other cameras or analize test results objectively?

Oh boy.

No. I think you are a Canon loyalist if you exclusively shoot Canon. I shoot Canon, Nikon, Leica, Hasselblad, Pentax And Sony. I don't care about labels and brand loyalty.

Based on your implication that those people are mindless zombie drones, I'll interpret "Canon loyalist" as "fanboy" and take the appropriate offense.

Your handle is an Ayn Rand character. I'm sure you're rational and hard to offend.

The G1 X is great compared to Nikon, Sony, and Pentax bodies, although considering the vastly different types of cameras those all are I don't think you understand the desire for different body styles and feature sets that might make fine distinctions in image quality a trivial factor when compared to huge differences in size or features. Also, I shoot in RAW+JPEG so I personally don't rely on any JPEG engine to tell me what my photos should look like, so when you go to the comparometer and choose those bodies to compare against the G1 X, keep that in mind.

I am basing my comments on owning the cameras I'm commenting on. I shoot RAW.

Since cameras with interchangeable lenses have the ability to change their critical sharpness output and the G1 X doesn't, I'll only say that from personal experience the G1 X lens is on par with some very expensive lenses in that area. As for G1 X noise, I put the comparometer in RAW, cranked it up to ISO 6400 and chose the OM-D EM-5, NEX-7, and K30. My conclusion: the G1 X matches or beats them all on noise (and critical detail resolution, for that matter).

This is a straw man. I never mentioned those cameras. Compare the G1X to a D7000, K01, K5 or NEX 5. They all run the same chip and they're all better performers IQ wise. This doesn't make the G1X bad. It simply means they are better in that aspect.

I didn't include the Nikon 1 because its image quality isn't in the same league as those others. The Nikon one has some great attributes, but image quality isn't one of them.

Agreed. It's also a much smaller sensor.

The Canon lens is superb but the slowness means it's harder to use than it should be. All that said there's no better fixed zoom solution available today. I suspect Olympus and Panasonic will soon challenge that though with a fast zoom and a large sensor.

I think your loyalty towards Olympus and Panasonic might be coloring your opinions.

I think you are making stuff up. Loyal to what? I don't own either brand at present.

The Nikon 1's speed with G1X quality or better would be devastating. The problem for those companies is that it would make anything but an upgrade to full frame unnecessary for 90% of people.

The Nikon 1 spead with G1 X quality exists in many different cameras: 7D, T4i, T3i, 60D, 50D, and those are just the Canon bodies. DSLR's blow them all away in terms of overall usability.

That's not true. The V2 shoots 15fps in RAW and bursts at 60fps. No Canon does that including the 1DX. Any Canon owner with an honest bone in their body will tell you the 50D was one of the worst bodies Canon's made. I had one and it was horrible. Testers agreed.

Even with a brighter lens Canon need to give us more than 1 frame a second and faster control. The zoom is slow and a control ring on the lens would make a huge difference. They're also missing key software features. Blinkies can be added with a hack but focus peaking and manual focus are hard to lose when you've enjoyed the control they give you.

Need? No, you need, not everyone else "need." Nice, yes, but not need. A control ring on the lens would also be completely unnecessary. Blinkies can be knowing how to use your camera. In "detailed information display" mode blown highlights blink. Are there other "blinkies" I don't know about?

Yes. They're the ones you see live and they can only be added via CHDK. I'd rather not chimp.

And not that anybdoy asked, but what I look for in a G2 X is this: a G3 X. I say that because I believe at a cost of around $800 it will be a couple or possibly three generations before Canon will make enough improvement to motivate me to upgrade. This isn't based on any assumption Canon is slow, but instead based on my satisfaction with the G1 X, it's image quality and performance. Perhaps in a few years the lines of cameras will meld further, making the existence of my perfect camera a possibility. I think it will take at least five years for that to happen, and until then I'll have my 7D (or 7D Mark II) and G1 X (or G3 X....maybe even EOS-M2) to cover all of my needs.

You seem happy. Good for you.

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