Photographing toddlers w. a G series: Better to use high ISO or bounce an external flash?

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Re: Photographing toddlers w. a G series: Better to use high ISO or bounce an external flash?
In reply to mosswings, Jan 18, 2013

Basic rule of thumb:

You need at least 1/200 shutter speed to stop slow-moving action.

Fast moving kids need more like 1/500.

I have the G12 and i can capture kids at play at as low as 1/100 in a decently lit room. Shutter speed is only part of the equation, the other half is focal length. The longer the focal length (the more zoomed in you are) the faster shutter speed you need. Since the G12 has a very short focal length (something like 8mm to 25mm, i forget the numbers exactly) you can get away with slow shutter speeds compared to DSLRs and still catch the action.

My tips to you:
Do not zoom in if you can help it, the wider the shot the more light you get.
Set to TV to control the shutter speed and let the camera sort out the other settings if you are moving between well lit and lower light areas
If shooting manual try making sure the aperature is wide open, you will lose some depth of field however you gain more light and can use faster shutter speeds.

If you are not hand holding the camera then chances are you are taking the shots at much too slow a shutter speed. Perhaps share with us some of your blurred attempts and the settings used? Maybe we can see what you can try to do different?

Like i said, I have the G12 and have taken many low light pictures with it (I used to do ballroom dancing) and its served me very well in the past.

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