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Re: Canon G2X & full-frame sensors...
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Skelter --

Hmmm. As a two month G1x owner -- but 40 years in SLRs -- i can absolutely concur. And when you opt for raw (which i think most serious shooters use), a slow platform becomes a molassass drip.

I understand that they basically grafted the internal architecture of a Powershot onto a platform with a four year-old APSC pixel geometry sensor and, frankly, a stunning lens. That kept development costs down (Canon concentrated on that lens and the packaging), but, golly, it hobbles useability for users used to SLRs.

Maybe the target audience never was us . . . but digicam "upgraders" never would appreciate that lens and, probably, not the raw capability either.

It is FRUSTRATING to use.

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gary ray

Gary - that has been my experience. Like you I shoot RAW.

You can shoot it well if you're patient and lucky. However the competition, Nikon and Sony in particular, are so fast it's just a different experience. I'm convinced most people who experienced the raw speed of the Nikon 1 would be swayed and forget image quality issues. Who cares about being a couple of years behind on noise if you get the shot? The only thing that stopped me from buying a V1 or V2 was the lack of lenses. They're all slow zooms and I'm a fast prime guy - especially with a small sensor.

Canon have bet heavily on a sensor architecture that is unable to match the best of Nikon/Sony technology (before someone says Nikon is just repackaging Sony tech, Nikon's flagship has an entirely Nikon chip and is a stellar performer and the fastest camera made - the Nikon 1 - is also 100% Nikon tech). It wouldn't be a problem if Canon didn't also have a protectionist internal policy which seems to mandate every camera must perform worse than the one in the lineup above it. Hence Nikon have a D800 under a D4 with the D4 offering only speed, noise and professional specs over the D800. I suspect the high MP Canon will be at the top of their range and far beyond the price of the D800. Canon will make us pay a premium for any improvement at all or force us to use a crippled body.

I hope they change and go to war. Sony are winning below $1,000 and Nikon are doing very well outside the US. Canon should take the best of the G line - great physical controls, tilting screens and in the G1 X a large sensor - and add a decent EVF and speed to match Sony and Nikon. I.e. 10+ fps in RAW and fast turn-on. If Sony release  their Foveon style chips this year and continue to improve the NEX line with full-frame bodies and this new tech it's going to be carnage. If Nikon also get the Foveon style tech, and Sony's promise of great noise performance is true, Canon better bring something new to the table.

Hopefully they'll not hobble the EOS M pro. They have to realise that low-end APS-C DSLRS's are going to get wiped out my rangefinder style MILC's. We never shot dinky SLR's on film much and the best small film cameras were always rangefinder style. Canons lenses are a huge draw and the G1 X's lens is wonderful within its limitations.

Here's hoping...

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