Choosing a 3rd party ink

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Re: Choosing a 3rd party ink

David Seys wrote:

Actually, I have Precision Colors ink in my 1430 right now. My only attempt with 3rd party ink so far. They're okay but needed custom profiles to look decent.

Funny, the website says Niagara Falls, but I drove to Toronto and bought them from him in person at his apartment building. He was quite knowledgable about printing, but running a business out of a run-down apartment building didn't seem too professional.

Regardless, his products are very good and rise above whatever environment he is working in. He used to sell only through EBAY and may still be doing so, so it is not really an issue for me.

Anyone know what ink InkOwl is using? I think Cone is the only manufacturer of their own ink, correct? Everyone else is just re-packaging MIS or similar?

CONE's inks are custom made for him in ASIA. The company which I will not name only makes inks for Inkjetmall - CONE.

Other folks sell Image Specialists or other makes. It really is hard to tell as everyone wants to make yo believe that they are they own proprietary products which of course are not.

Inkjetfly may have their inks also custom formulated but they use Image Specialists MK due to its greater d-MAX.

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