flash to tripod adapter required

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hwg Contributing Member • Posts: 539
flash to tripod adapter required

This might be what I am looking for if I understand the product right.

see photo below

I want to attach a flash gun (Nikon sb800 with its adapter foot) and an umbrella to a tripod.

I have spare tripods.

So I need some sort of gadget that will connect the bits together.

This 'thing' looks upside down, I would want the umbrella to be on the moving bit so it tilts with the flash gun. The gun has a adapter foot with a 1/4" ? threaded hole in it.

The tripod has a threaded stud sticking out of it. , I assume, a 1/4" stud.

So if I turn this gadget upside down (so the umbrella hole is on the top sections so will tilt) will the threaded hole (shown in the top in this photo) attach to my tripod and the stud attach to the Nikon adapter foot?

The web page for it states;

Included Accessories:1/4 inch and 3/8 inch male and female thread spiggot adapters.

Or do I need a specialist light stand for this gadget

Have I got the wrong end of the stick?


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