Who Else would like to see a separate 1D/s/x forum?

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Spot on! Re: A curious evolution I'm noticing...
In reply to nelsonal, Jan 17, 2013

nelsonal wrote:

ovlov wrote:

I think it still sounds pretty elitist myself.

What are these poor poor souls going to do when used 1D series bodies fall into the hands of the unwashed masses?

A decent number of those advocating for change are those unwashed who picked up a cheap 1D recently. The issue comes up because longtime and excellent posters like Michael Thomas Mitchell who have lots of firsthand knowledge related to the series, stopped posting in the 1D/5D forum several months ago. I would prefer a system of a single camera model per forum/tag, and allow users to aggregate the forums how ever they wished.

You are spot on!

I am actually a member of the "unwashed" mass who have picked up a 1D series body cheap recently, in fact I have TWO 1D series bodies that I picked up cheaply (which I could never have afforded when they were first released at their whopping prices of in excess of £5K for the body alone).

There are many cameras that I like and have liked, and I usually spend a bit of time perusing the forums to read up on them. What I don't wanna be doing is wading through a zillion unrelated posts to find the stuff on the product I am actually interested in.

When I first had my hands on a 1D Mark III I kinda fell in love and spent a lot of time reading up on it. Luckily for me, I was reading up on it whilst it was still current so there was a lot of "first page" activity and therefore stuff was easy to find. If I, or another newbie, now want to tap into the knowledge base regarding that old camera we are gonna find it a real chore wading through all the other unrelated stuff.

Like you rightly point out, tt's nothing to do with elitism. Rather, it's to do with efficiency in accessing the info one wants and accessing the forum members who will be of most use to one's thirst for knowledge.

Often, you can lurk for a while on a forum and glean who the more experienced or knowledgeable members are on a particular thing. Until you mentioned him, although his name does kinda ring a bell, I didn't know who Michael Thomas Mitchell is and I would hazard a guess that's because I can't tell from perusing the forum who the go-to people are because I am viewing a sea of useless data (useless to me that is).

In fact, I would say that it's the great unwashed who need the forum split more; because they are ones who are new to the system and who need to get up to speed quickly.


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