Who Else would like to see a separate 1D/s/x forum?

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Re: A curious evolution I'm noticing...
In reply to plevyadophy, Jan 17, 2013

plevyadophy wrote:

schmegg wrote:

Oh - I didn't realise this was an issue for all 1D bodies but of no interest to anyone else!

Using this logic, we should have a different forum for every single model released!

You may well mock, but that is pretty much what Compaq did for their forums before being taken over by HP.

The Compaq forum was fantastic, whilst the "we will reinvent the wheel" version "developed" by HP was and still is a nightmare to navigate.

Why the difference?

Take two Compaq laptops the M700 and the M300. Pretty similar laptops. In DPreview and HP land those two machines would be dumped together in one forum. In the Compaq world, the two machines (combined with their individual DIRECT successors) are given their own forum. And this is where it really gets cool; the forums are then broken down into sub-forums for Hard Drive, Optical Drive, Power, Docking Station etc.

Oh what joy!!! And unbelievably fast to get to the stuff you are interested in.

We have sub forum now though (in effect) - it's just that some here don't like the way there are divided. You be one of 'em.

It's no worse for 1D users than it is for anyone else. Should it be better? Perhaps. But complaining that 1D users have it bad and need something more "exclusive" really does seem a bit 'elitist' to be honest.

Personally, I think the problem here is the search functionality, which I find quite 'ordinary' - and that's as nice as I can put it.

What I think would be an order of magnitude more constructive would be to have the search function completely revamped to make it easier to find what you are interested in. Trying to achieve a change along these lines would be, in my mind, a much more constructive and community minded pursuit than the self-interested pursuit of a single, more exclusive, forum that would only benefit a relatively small number of community members.

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