Who Else would like to see a separate 1D/s/x forum?

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Re: A curious evolution I'm noticing...
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schmegg wrote:

PhotoKhan wrote:

andrewD2 wrote:

What makes a shooter using an old 1DIII have any different requirements in terms of this forum than say a 5D3 shooter?

Shutter bounce issue, submirrors and dots on boxes, batteries, battery chargers, accessories, custom functions, which cards to use, lens choice for 1.3x crop, expected repair costs, 2nd hand value, etc etc

I'd rather they split and I use both 1D(s) bodies and 5DIII. I could locate info faster.

I never thought that reasoning had to be "decomposed" to this basic level for the concept to be understood and stripped out of its evoked snobbery component...but, yes, it probably had to be done.

Thank you for it.

Oh - I didn't realise this was an issue for all 1D bodies but of no interest to anyone else!

Using this logic, we should have a different forum for every single model released!

You may well mock, but that is pretty much what Compaq did for their forums before being taken over by HP.

The Compaq forum was fantastic, whilst the "we will reinvent the wheel" version "developed" by HP was and still is a nightmare to navigate.

Why the difference?

Take two Compaq laptops the M700 and the M300. Pretty similar laptops. In DPreview and HP land those two machines would be dumped together in one forum. In the Compaq world, the two machines (combined with their individual DIRECT successors) are given their own forum. And this is where it really gets cool; the forums are then broken down into sub-forums for Hard Drive, Optical Drive, Power, Docking Station etc.

Oh what joy!!! And unbelievably fast to get to the stuff you are interested in.

It had absolutely nothing to do with snobbery (the Compaq M700 was a physically bigger machine than the M300 (which I owned)) but rather a more sensible way of organising a forum.

The HP forum, go and have a look, is an absolute nightmare because they have simply lumped EVERYTHING into one HUUUUGE forum. It got to the point where I would either email HP directly (which really, is an inefficient way of doing things for both them and me) or go to some third-party forum to get assistance.

I had previously said that the forums should be divided up thus: 1D, 5D/6D, Digital Rebel and so on. That would be nearly akin to the Compaq forum (though they would do it with far more detail, having sub-divisions like Batteries, Camera Settings and so on) and make life far easier for everyone. And this I must point out is not, well not for me anyway, a Canon thing; it's an issue for all the branded forums here. I also use microFourThirds and it really is annoying having to wade through a zillion posts on products that are of no interest to me and which generally have very different issues (e.g the chatter about the early Olympus mFT cams which had very poor autofocus, which was an issue that has never bothered Panny users). I also think combining the Fuji X system with the Fuji SLR forums was a bad idea (to my mind, there should have been separate Fuji X xxx and Fuji X-Pro/X-Ex forums).

You also have to consider lurkers, people who may be interested in a product and want to quickly go to the forum to pick up little titbits about the product before deciding whether or not to buy or use or investigate further. It must be quite frustrating for them if they have a curiousity about Camera A but then find they have to wade through a zillion posts on Cameras X, Y and Z.

I often go from forum to forum lurking, and occasionally posting, and what I think one needs from the ENTIRE DPreivew forums is ease of use; the ability to navigate and browse quickly.

If you can, speak to someone who has used both the old Compaq Forums and the current HP ones and I think you will get a reall appreciation for how wonderful it is for the user experience if the forums are divided up by individual product and the deep frustration caused by lumping together products that really only have a passing commonality.

And one final thing, in all your posts you haven't addressed the point, which I think i have raised on more than one previous occasion, as to why it's such a bad idea for the Canon forums to be divided up as many of us are suggesting here but not a bad idea for Nikon users to have, as they do now, a Nikon DX SLR forum and a separate Nikon Pro DX SLR forum. Surely, to be consistent, you must feel that the two Nikon forums should be merged, no?



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