New X100 user experience - Ski trip

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New X100 user experience - Ski trip

Hi all-

I'm a life-long amateur photographer and card-carrying gear head. Got into digital way back in 2001 with the revolutionary Canon D30 and worked my way through the Canon digital line, finishing up with the (also revolutionary) 5DII.

While I loved the 5DII, I was growing tired of all that big, heavy gear, especially for things like ski trips. Then the Panasonic GF1 was introduced, and I became an early Micro Four Thirds adopter. I eventually decided the GF1 gave me IQ that was close enough to the 5DII, but at 1/3rd the size and weight, so I sold off all my Canon gear!! After 2 GF1's, a GH1 and GH2, I am currently VERY happy with an OM-D plus a few prime lenses. That kit is a keeper. No complaints.

Recently I started noticing that some images I was seeing on the web had a "look" that was different and very intriguing. Post processing? Maybe. A little research led me to find that this was actually the "Fuji" look. Smooth and creamy, but still sharp. Very film-like, and with a color signature that I really liked. I initially looked at the X-E1, but decided I didn't want another "system". I also knew I wanted something with a fast 35mm equivalent lens, but didn't like the images I saw from the new 17/1.8 from Olympus...

Enter the X100. I had never even heard of the X100, but as soon as I started reading about it and looking at the images taken with it, I knew it was what I was looking for. Small and portable, discreet for street photography (which is something I am getting into since moving to Brooklyn, NY), with a fast, sharp 35mm lens, APS-C sensor, and I just love the "retro" look of the X100 body!

Then I saw the Black X100 LE and I knew it was love!

So I purchased an LE, which was delivered the day before leaving on a week-long ski trip. I had done my research, and I knew the quirks and workarounds of the camera. I have to admit I was initially a little put off, but once I got the X100 set up correctly and learned how to use it, I began to really love it. And the images - well, all I can say is that my OM-D only came out to the ski slopes 1 day out of 6, and the X100 was with me the for 5! I wore it with a BlackRapid strap (a thinner "street" strap) under my ski jacket and hardly even knew it was there, yet it was instantly accessible for pictures during the ski week. I am SO happy with the images from that little gem. My son (who is also a photo buff) even commented that he liked the look of the X100 images and preferred them to the OM-D.

The ONLY things that were a bit of a drag were the limit of 1/1000 sec shutter speed at f/2 (I want to shoot wide open, and in the bright ski conditions the ND was sometimes not strong enough), and that I had to "lock" the rear dial at all times because it would get moved or pressed while under my ski jacket. I had no trouble with AF speed. I either pre-focused, or simply mashed the shutter, which worked 95% of the time for moving subjects.

Anyway, I've gone on long enough. Here are a few images from my trip. They are RAW files processed in Lightroom 4.3. The most interesting thing is that even after being processed to taste, they retain that incredible "Fuji" look! And the latitude for post-processing of the X100 files is simply amazing...

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