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Morris Sullivan
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Re: Serious answer.
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Morris Sullivan wrote:


Morris Sullivan wrote:

Midnighter wrote:

Were fully automatics ever legal in the US? If so when they were banned did the people who owned them and their supporters come forth with "They will ban ALL the guns!"? How did it go down... how did US society arrive in a place where people were happy with 'just' semi-automatics.... or are there pro gun groups that want full auto weapons legalized?

Well lets think about it,

They banned machine guns in most places, later they banned "assault rifles" in most places, then they banned high capacity pistols in most places, now they are saying it's still not enough.

So clearly there is a progression here, what makes you think it will stop?

There are plenty of people out there already calling for outlawing of all guns.

and that's just fine - isn't it?


Let's have a world with NO GUNS in civilian hands.

I don't want to live in that world.

I guess we need two different worlds then

because I do..

I'll settle for different countries. Isn't that the way it should work? We'll never agree on everything so we get together with like-minded people and form communities.

Would you want to live in a world where if you didn't like the way something worked you were stuck with it, because everywhere had the same rules. What if the whole world was just like the US? Aren't you glad you can go to Canada and live under different rules?

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