Who Else would like to see a separate 1D/s/x forum?

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Re: A curious evolution I'm noticing...
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plevyadophy wrote:

schmegg wrote:

plevyadophy wrote:

schmegg wrote:

PhotoKhan wrote:

...is that while this was a topic that would generate immediate "you're an elitist" backlash when it was brought up years ago, when only the 5D was put together with the 1D cameras, it now resonates as positive, reasonable request for a signification amount of users.

I guess multiplication of a problem tends to make it more clearly perceivable.

Oh - I wouldn't be so certain about that at all. I suspect there are many that are simply holding their tongues.

What I find funny is that these threads pop-up every time there is a new camera that is released and it's not a 1D. LOL!

The forum gets busy for six months with talk about the new body, and all the 1D shooters get shirty that they need to "wade through posts" to read one of the dozen or so 1D threads that have been posted lately.

Then, when things get back to normal, everything is OK again! Hehe!

But normal should be a situation where the 1D shooters never have to "get shirty" to borrow your phraseology.

And for Nikon, as I pointed out earlier, DPReview found it useful to seperate the DX format camera forums into DX and DX Pro. So why not do similarly for Canon full frame users? And even if 1D users aren't as numerous as 5D/6D users, why crowd them out under the throng of 5D/6D posts? Why can not the 1D users get some breathing space? And further more, if I were to use a car analogy I would say that the 1D is akin to a Mercedes S Class; it may not have the greatest number of owners in the brand but it's the prestige model that brings buyers to the brand. So have some respect and give the 1D/S Class some breathing space.

Like I said, it's not up to me.

If it was, I'd be reluctant based on both the number of posts being made regarding the 1D series, and the potential value to shooters of (perhaps) lesser skill or knowledge that 1D shooters could offer this forum.

And I bet if you go over to a Mercedes forum you don't see the S Class bundled with the E Class simply because an E Class also has an AMG variant!

Well - how are you thinking it should be divided?

What makes a shooter using an old 1DIII have any different requirements in terms of this forum than say a 5D3 shooter? The 5D3 is a more capable camera in many ways. It's used by many professional shooters, just as the 1DIII is. Do you think that a 1DIII shooter would not have any interest in a 5D3 or have anything useful to contribute to the 5D3 discussions? Do you think that the different applications have no useful crossover and that different experiences have nothing to offer others?

All these questions and more go through my mind. I'm left thinking that the 1D shooters are just wanting to have a bit of red carpet laid down for them so they don't have to put up with what everyone else in this community has to put up with.

Or is that too harsh.

Yes, way too harsh.

And initially you were annoying me by your posts, but now I think you are just engaged in a bit of rib tickling, a kind of devils' advocate.


The reasons for wanting a separate forum have nothing to do with red carpets; the reasoning is the same for why DPReview decided to move mFT cams to their own forum (taken from the standard Four Thirds forums) and no doubt why they also found it a good idea to divide the Nikon DX forums along the same lines as are being suggested by myself and others here, which I think you jolly well know!

So I shall consider my ribs thoroughly tickled and suggest that you go test some others peeps' sensitivity to touch.

Thanks for your understanding - much appreciated.

Oh, and the notion of imprisoning 1D users in a forum they are not happy with so as to perhaps squeeze some pearls of wisdom out of them for the benefit of other camera body users, doesn't hold much water. To follow your logic, DPReview should abandon the Pro Digital Talk Forum on the basis that all that juicy pro knowledge should be scattered like confetti around the various forums.

Not exactly what I was getting at. But I know what you are saying.

I just think it'd be nice if the spirit was a bit more 'community minded' rather than (to jokingly paraphrase) "Oh, it's such a chore having to share this forum with such ignorant, trivial people"

Really, if one wants more knowledge than one already has the simple solution is to go to where that knowledge can be found; if I want info I can't find in this forum I go to the Pro Talk forum, Lighting forum or wherever, and likewise I don't see why the 5D users can't just come over to a 1D forum if there is something they wanna know.

You simplify things a bit there in my opinion.

If someone makes a post to this forum, they will reach users of all Canons full frame gear and also   users of all the 'flagship' models. That, in my eyes, is a valuable audience. Splitting away the 'flagship' shooters means, for the other shooters ...

1. missing out on feedback from users of their own camera (if they post to the 1D forum).

2. missing out on the feedback from the 'flagship' shooters (if they post to the 5D/6D forum).

3. posting to both and breaking the forum rules.

Is it really that much of a hassle for 1D shooters to find 1D posts? And why would it be warranted for 1D shooters to have the specialĀ privilegeĀ of a more focused forum when others don't get this benefit? (though you could mount a rather pitiful argument that the 5D/6D shooters wouldn't have to 'wade' through the overwhelming noise of the 1D posts I guess - hehe).


Wait a minute! I was going to bow out - doh!

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