Who Else would like to see a separate 1D/s/x forum?

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Re: Wrong! Re: A curious evolution I'm noticing...
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plevyadophy wrote:

schmegg wrote:

Klaus wrote:

schmegg wrote:

PhotoKhan wrote:

...is that while this was a topic that would generate immediate "you're an elitist" backlash when it was brought up years ago, when only the 5D was put together with the 1D cameras, it now resonates as positive, reasonable request for a signification amount of users.

I guess multiplication of a problem tends to make it more clearly perceivable.

Oh - I wouldn't be so certain about that at all. I suspect there are many that are simply holding their tongues.

What I find funny is that these threads pop-up every time there is a new camera that is released and it's not a 1D. LOL!

The forum gets busy for six months with talk about the new body, and all the 1D shooters get shirty that they need to "wade through posts" to read one of the dozen or so 1D threads that have been posted lately.

Then, when things get back to normal, everything is OK again! Hehe!

Its not necessary ok, because nobody is asking for a while. I t could be because people are tired of asking! As you can read many people (including myself), are actually staying away for years, because of this.

That's not good and a pity in a number of ways in my mind.

The main one being that some 1D shooters could actually give some very good assistance on this forum to fellow ff shooters. I find it a pity that there aren't more community minded 1D shooters to be perfectly honest - but that's not to say there aren't some very helpful and constructive 1D contributors here either!

Aside from that, I personally enjoy the 1D threads as much as any others and think they are quite relevant to 5D (and now 6D) shooters. I'm not one for segregation - I'd rather inclusion.

I just looked back through the posts and I counted about four 1D related posts in the last day - and that's with a new 1D just released recently!

It took me maybe half a minute to do this, so I'm a bit 'unmoved' by the claim that one must "wade through" a bunch of interestingness posts.

Why do 1D users think it's any different for anyone else who uses the forum trying to find particular information that they are interested in?

It should not be to much to ask for, its quite simple to do. And this website would be nothing without the users.

Cant you (as a moderator) do something? I mean bring this up for the people behind the site?

Unfortunately, I have as much chance as any of the rest of you. The forum admins can be PM'ed just as easily by you as they can by me - but you are probably more motivated in this particular case.

I certainly have their support, but I don't have any particular influence in how they choose to run their own site.

Don't get me wrong though - I'm not completely 'opposed' to the idea. A 1D forum would be very quite and easy to moderate (probably), but I personally just can see it being worth the effort for the admins to implement it (not really knowing, like the rest of you, exactly how much effort would actually be involved).

And I'd really rather see the 1D shooters take part in the community more rather than wanting to split off and create their own little isolated corner.

(the opinions expressed here are just one persons opinions of course - and they are simply my opinions as a forum user, not as a DPR moderator - put out here as a point of discussion)


It's no real effort at all. Well, if I am wrong, it's certainly not a big effort such that it can't be done.

Whether or not something can be done is not an indication of how difficult it may or may not be to do.

Or is it your contention that it's a trivial effort to put a man on the moon?

In any case - I'll bow out now. I just wanted to throw a different perspective into the discussion - and I realised that it wouldn't be popular, but I felt it needed to be said.

I meant no offence with my statements, and believe me, I understand your frustrations regarding finding the info that you are interested in. It's a problem we all deal with, I can assure you!

Good luck in your pursuits - you never know, you might be more successful in convincing the admins than you were with me. And, at the end of the day, providing you are following the rules, I'm just another voice in the crowd and nothing more!

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