how you determind / do i need to worry about Camera Shutter Durabilty / lifepsan / actuations ?

Started Jan 16, 2013 | Discussions thread
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how you determind / do i need to worry about Camera Shutter Durabilty / lifepsan / actuations ?
Jan 16, 2013

hi everyone.....

i have the rx 100 and i just love it on how it create great pictures . right now im planning to get the alpha 77 dslr which is more pro in terms of depth of field. but recently ive been reading some acticles on the internet about the shutter actuations. and it really scare me to death.

especially when they talking about sony camera coz the company itself didnt put the exif info. about how many time the shutter used. i mean its ridiculous, even the famous camera maker like canon and nikon, put their exif info on their picture shot. coz its really important for NEW camera buyers to tell what kind of camera they get (brand new or used or refurbished). for example : theres a guy that just bought nikon *** (i forgot the type). he said that he only takes about 200 shot from the time he bought the camera. then he find out that the last shot he took is 1054 from the exif shutter count. did the QC guys on the factory having fun with the cam like taking pictures while they packing stuff ? i mean common...for the customer sake.

some people says that most of pocket camera last for about 100.000 shots. damn ive been using my rx100 for almost 5000 shot already. does it means that i only have like 95.000 more shot ? then my rx100 shutter will stop working ? / need shutter replacement ?

about Sony a77 that im planning to get. has only 150.000 shutter actuation. what the hell.. its an expensive camera and its only take 150.000 pictures ? minus probably those ignorant factory guys whose doing QC and packing. having a good time with those new camera before they packing it. maybe if they crazy enough to pose . and dancing in front of the cameras taking thousands of pictures. (150.000- 1.000 pictures of those louzy guys) you get like 149.000 left ?

The Question is : What matter the most on camera shutter durability / lifespan?

is it how you abuse the camera ? like to many using burst mode or to many taking high speed shot (for exmpl : using 1/4000 shot for 50 times a day) ? or does taking normal photograph with standard normal speed 1/80 in every shot help in the matter of extend the shutter lifespan ?or it is trully depends on the shutter actuation count (150.000-200.000) ?

if it is the camera company should invent an instant camera instead . slaping magnesium aloy body. weather resistant . high speed . burst mode after 150.000 shots . thats it you done for it. COMMON ITS AN EXPENSIVE GADGET FOR GOD SAKE

any opinion and suggestion are welcome. thank you so much guys

( pardon my bad english )

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