d7k AF with AF-C & dynamic area doesn't work as the manual states

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Re: not really track
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You press the button wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

You press the button wrote:

But, what happens then when we try to follow a moving subject? When in AF-C, 9, 21 or 39 point I get the impression from the manual (and descriptions here) that if the subject temporariliy strays away from the initial focus point some of the surrounding 8, 20 or 38 points should take over and retain the subject in focus, but in my experience the focus "drops down" to the background allmost immediately when it is left by the primary. What is your experiences here?

The dynamic area modes don't really "track" across the field like AF-Area mode 3D does. As the manual states... They help keep lock if the subject briefly leaves the field of view of the selected focus point. How large "briefly" is depends on what mode...9, 21, or 39.

I can hardly see any difference between them, the focus changes almost as soon as the initial point leaves the subject...

Agreed.  The difference is very subtle I think. I have noticed though that the background really affects how they act. Against a blue sky...with a big bird..39 does seem to hold lock longer than 21 or 9. With a complicated back ground, not so much. Also size/speed of the target plays into it. Shooting my horses in the field 39 does seem to hold lock longer (when the horse gets beyond the primary point) than 9.  The difference in the algorithms seem more gray than precise. I honestly stay in 9 or single far more than the others.

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