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Harry Fisch
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Re: Winning 2012 National Geographic Pro Photo Contest with Fujifilm X-Pro1
In reply to BillyInya, Jan 14, 2013

I am Harry Fisch, the winner/loser. 

I have been reading some of the comments and let me advance that should I have been part of the jury, I would have acted exactly as they did: rules are rules. Long before being a photographer I have been a lawyer.

To be very sincere, I thought that such a story could be of interest but I did not want, nor do I want now, to transform this into a defence of not following the rules in a contest.

I only want to point out something clearly: I never had the intention of cheating the jury. I new that the "negative" had to be sent for comparison against the one sent and that this negative (in my case I did not shoot Raw due to a mistake) could have been retouched. I stupidly and sincerely thought that the removal was not important (!!). This is so incredible that it is hard for me to really understand how did I not crop the original (allowded), burn the bag (allowded) or let it there.

There are douzens of very important contest Sony Awards i.e, that do not care at all if you remove or add as long as you ay it. And National Geographic magazine itself does publish pictures fron assigned photographers that have minor things removed.

I find difficult to moralize on what is "right" or "wrong" when we approach any artistic expression.

When it is not a contest.

Again: should I have been part of the jury, I would have acted exactly as they did:

But, comming to the matter of adding/excluding..

Nothing more distant from reality than my winner/loser picture with or without bag :-). Nothing is more distant from reality than freezing 1/7th of life of the people in front of you and claiming that this is "real"...
Only being  at Asi Gath (the place were this one was taken) sorrounded by mud, garbage, cows, beggars, a crowd of disorganized pilgrims, flower saleman, tourists, can you really understand that this "reality" is idillic even comming out of the box (camera) as it is "produced" by the photographer.
Garbage and mud. Poverty. Obscurity. And the beauty behind it...  I love the disorder of Varanasi and enjoy reading between lines, faking the reallity with my personal vision. I really do not need photoshop, I can do it (and I do it) easily, everyday, with the sole help of my eyes, my mind and the camera...

"Technical Elaboration" ?  "Colour adjustments" ? "Minor sharpening" ?
Nobody really cares about the   discussion of the reallity of "reallity".  And, specially, in a Photographic contest with 22.000 submissions :-).   The fundamentalist approach of National Geographic and others is, again and allways, much more a commercial concern (they do not want to "lose" their time) than anything else.  Nothin wrong about that. They claim to be concerned with filters and photoshop but nowhere in the world a picture gets so much technical elaboration than the photography they publish... when it is comming from a profesional photographer for an asignement for the magazine ;-).  
What about the election of the depth of field, high/low keys, artificial lighting, etc...
All this said, should I have the choice, I wood choose to be the winner  instead of the loser....
Also -don't say this to anybody- this is not my prefered picture but it gives me some clues on what the jury likes...
In practice, believe me, I sincerely understand what National Geographic does and, again, I would probably do the same in the same circumstances.

I am not only a travel photographer, obseded with Travel photography  I come from a discipline and a way of doing pictures were the artistic result counts and, pesonally, I could not care less about using or not photoshop You will surely understand my minor concern for "reality" in photography.

For me, only the final result counts and I find difficult to moralize on what is "right" or "wrong" when we approach any artistic expression. 
People -and jurys- do not make the difference between the ethics standing  behind retouching the capture of a photojournalist  reportage (again, a fake reallity) and the artistic purpose of a photographer (my submission).

Note: Please excuse my possible English mistakes, in spite of my name, I am a Spaniard and English is not my native language.

Note: If you reached this line, Thank you for your patience

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